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Regimental Reunions
and other Veterans' get-togethers

76th New York Reunion at Gettysburg - July 1, 1893 (?)

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Photo courtesy of the Homeville Museum, Homer NY,
donated by Harry Newcomb - Cortland

Handwritten Caption: 
1 Col Livingston - 2 Capt. P. S. Clark - 3 Col. J.E. Cook
4 Maj. Sager - 7 Capt. Myers - 12 Quartermaster Smith
13 Charles Smith

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Photo Courtesy of Jeff Kowalis, who notes: "According to Tipton's photo catalog the Sept 86 group is listed as# 74e  "group of 76th survivors photographed on Seminary ridge". I believe this could have been a committee on where to put the regimental monument."

1886 Photo - Officers at Gettysburg.
Detail of sign at center of photo:

1886 Reunion at Cortland

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Photo courtesy of the Homeville Museum, Homer NY

Another reunion - 1880's?

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Photo courtesy of the Homeville Museum, Homer NY

 40th Reunion - 1908 in Cortland, NY. 

Photo courtesy Bruce Robbins, who says that his great-grandfather Lyman Miller sits in the lower left. 

From the collection of the Homeville Museum, Homer NY

At left - a photograph taken
at the last official reunion of the 76th New York in 1922:

1=William "Bill" Sweet

2=Homer D. Call


4=Simon Tarbell

Photo donated to the Homeville Museum by Florence Sweet, Homer NY view Larger Image (200K)

See an article on the last actual reunion of the 76th veterans.

A picture of the Harrison Owen GAR post no. 639, in Virgil, NY. Date is unknown, probably in 1870's or early 1880's. 

This image was contributed by a reader of this site, who notes "I thought it might be of interest as it may contain some 76th NY veterans or someone may recognize."

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