Preston King's Letter to Col. Nelson Green
November 29, 1864

Ogdensburgh Nov 29. 1864

Col. N.W. Green

It is a long time since I have heard from you or of you I watched the progress of your efforts for revocation. I corresponded with Mr. Doolittle and in the last of July was informed that the President declined to interfere which terminated all efforts in your behalf adversely. I recd your effort to persuade me to interpose by letter. It was so firmly my opinion that your only chance of success was in yourself and your personal efforts and the per- sonal impression your own earnest convictions might make that I did not do it though I suppose if I had been at Washington and could have done so I should probably have yielded to your appeals. But that subject has passed and I trust has still left the fair sunlight to shine upon you and to fill you with hope courage and confidence for your battle of life in this uncertain world of ours -- and that you are blessed in the health and happiness of your family.

How do you do you and how do you find your path. You interested me and I have often thought of you & wished I could hear of you and that you was getting on successfully -- but not a word from any quarter since Mr. Doolittle's last information. The world is wide & full of fair and inviting prospects. We must never despair but fill our breast with courage confidence and resolution and struggle on no matter what load we carry industry and perserverance that never tire will deserve success always and almost always win it. If you have leisure & disposition I should like to hear from you

Yours Truly
Preston King

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