Images of the 76th New York
Group photographs

R-L: Pvts. John Robinson, 
Edward Mador, and Byron Green
Co. H
Larger Image (136K)

Photo in private collection
Names based on note with photo - only Green is on Co. H roster.
 Is it possible "Edward Mador" is "John Maichor" in Co.H? 

Right-most Officer is 
Maj. William Wainwright
29th NY
later, Colonel of the 76th NY

Photo from e-Bay listing selling CdV

This picture was found with the estate of a descendant of Lewis Morse, of Company E. The picture is back-marked "Morse". 

From the uniforms, the men are a mix of officers and non-coms. It seems likely that this is a picture of the officers and non-commissioned officers of Company E. 

Picture courtesy Jeff and Robin Cargian, who note: "On the back of this photo, after I removed it from the frame, was one word: Morse. ... The photo also has two Internal Revenue stamps on the reverse side, and they're cancelled May, 1865."

For additional group photos, and caption for this photo, see the page for photographs of reunions of the 76th New York.
The five sergeants of Company A, in front of the Civil War Soldiers monument in Courthouse Park, Cortland. 

Picture taken October 4, 1886, by L.E. Burnham, a photographer from East Homer, NY. 

Photograph reproduced in October 5, 2005, Cortland Area Tribune. 

Postwar photo of Martin Edgcomb and Thomas McClenthan

Caption reads:

3rd Sergeant Martin Edgcomb, 4th Sergeant Thos. McClenthan. 
The only two original Sergeants now living who mustered in Co. A 76th Regiment N.Y. Vols. October 1861

Not a 76th NY photo, as such - this is the band of the Kellogg Camp of the Sons of Veterans, Cortland, NY. 

The Sons of Veterans was an organization originally formed of the sons of the members of the GAR. It remains to this day as the successor to the GAR. 

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