Images of the 76th New York
Soldiers "A" through "N"

Pvt. John G. Apgar

The image at left was found inside an 1860s photo album purchased in Syracuse N.Y. about 15 years ago. The album probably belonged to a member of the Moe or Pierce family of Groton, N.Y. Its third page has a very well-labeled key in which the names of the subjects of the photographs are written in period ink. Most of the people in the album have the surnames of Moe or Pierce. However, there are several images of people with different names who are likely family friends or neighbors. 

This particular image is listed in the album as "John Apgar." Because of the Groton & Ithaca NY provenance of nearly every photo in the album, we believe we have made a positive identification of this man as John G. Apgar of Company C of the 76th NY Infantry.

- Sherry Fairchok, Mt. Vernon NY



Pvt. Melville Apgar, Co. A/C

Photo from National Tribune
courtesy Don MacMurray


The drawing at right is identified in the Medical and Surgical History as Private John Barr of Company E. A very complete discussion of his wound can be found on his Regimental Roster listing

Capt. Norman Bartholomew
Co. E
Photo from eBay auction scan
Larger Image (31K)
- CdV Back

Private George Betts, Co. E
Photo courtesy Conrad Bush

Private Thaddeus W. Bradley
Co.'s A, B & I

Postwar photo courtesy 
Sebastian Alec Nelson

Private Allen Boyce, Co. E

See also Boyce's dog tag

images contributed by a reader of this site

Private Elbridge Burnham
Co. B

eBay auction photo - note inside Ambrotype case says: 
"Presented to me, Pitcher, Sept 26th , 1861. On Thursday, Died in Washington, April 1, 1862, buried Saturday, 6th inst. P. Pitcher. Elbridge M. Burnham , Soldier of the 76th Reg. "


Captain Samuel Byram
Picture courtesy Tom Canfield
and Isaac Friese

Capt. Peter S. Clark

Picture from 1886 reunion
Courtesy of Jeff Kowalis

Capt. Peter S. Clark
GAR photo courtesy Jeff Kowalis
Larger Image

Lt. (William) Henry Cliff, Co. F
Postwar photograph courtesy Brenda Collard

Lt. Henry Cliff, Co. F
Larger Image (55K)

Postwar photo courtesy Kevin Roy

Pvt. Albert Colcord
Larger Image (57K)
postwar photo from 
Dr. Doane B. Colcord's book The Colcord Genealogy - 1630-1908,
published by Mahlon J. Colcord,  Coudersport, Pennsylvania, 1908

Lt. Col. John E. Cook

Picture from 1886 reunion
Courtesy of Jeff Kowalis

Pvt. Matthew Cowlin, Co. A
Large image (87K)


Lieutenant Martin Edgcomb
CdV in Ed Raus Collection

Martin Edgcomb at a 76th Reunion

Martin Edgcomb from 
April 7, 1918 Syracuse Herald

The Edgcomb Family: Lenora (b. 1868), Emily Merritt Edgcomb (b. 1846), Jennie Grace (b. 1873), Martin Glenn (b.1876), Louis E. (b. 1870), Martin (center b. 1836) Allyn I. (born 1878) and baby June Irene (b. Jun 1890). 
This photo was taken about September 1890. 
Photos in this row contributed by Patricia Hutchings

Pvt. Eugene Fisher, Co. D

1st. Sgt. Alfred Foland
Co. H
CDV image offered for auction on eBay
November 1999

Pvt. Warren Wheeler Follett, Co. B

Sgt. Miles R. Foster, Co. D
Courtesy Ella Paynter

Corp. William S. Foster, Co. I

Image offered on eBay, April 2002


Cpl. Henry J. Freese
Co. D

Sgt Charles V. Fuller, Co. B
Postwar image courtesy Homeville Museum
Large Image (16K)

Capt. James L. Goddard
Co. G

Major Andrew J. Grover

Large image (82K)

Sgt. Theron C. Guernsey
Co. D (Later Lt., Co. C)
Image with case


Asst. Surgeon Charles A. Hamilton

Photo courtesy Jeff Kowalis

Corporal A. L. Hilton
, Co. A
Larger Image (55k)

Photo courtesy Jeff Kowalis

Cpl. Charles W. Hutchings, Co. A

Corp. Henry Lake, Co. H
Large image (55K)


Pvt. Henry P. Lason, Co. F
Large Image (48K)
from Lason's pension file in the National Archives

Col. Charles E. Livingston

Picture from 1886 reunion
Courtesy of Jeff Kowalis


Pvt. William J. Mantanye, Co. D
Large Image (102K)


Pvt. William J. Mantanye
Large image (71K)

Postwar image from 
"Grips" Historical Souvenir


Sgt. George W. Matteson, Co. F
Image courtesy Ellen Finklea

Pvt. Charles Scott Mattison, Co. I

Capt. Andrew McNett (?)
Image courtesy Tom Canfield

Cpl. Chapin W. Merrick
, Co. G

Image courtesy Kelly Knapp

Pvt. Lyman Miller, Co. D
Photo courtesy Bruce Robbins

Lyman Miller at the 76th NY Monument - probably at the dedication ceremonies in 1890.
 - Photo courtesy Bruce Robbins

Pvt. George Moore, Co. A
eBay auction photo


Moore's dog tag

Pvt. Henry J. Montfort, Co. C
Large Image (38K)


Pvt. Mason Myers, Co. F
Myers is on left in both pictures. 
See link for story about his lost leg. 
Top picture from 2003 eBay Auction, 
Bottom picture from June 1910 GAR encampment, reported in Syracuse Post-Standard article 

2nd Lt. William H. Myers

Picture from 1886 reunion
Courtesy of Jeff Kowalis


Sgt. Job Norwood Co. E

eBay Auction photo

All images are from the Carlisle Barracks, US Army Military History Institute, unless otherwise noted.

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