Letters of Edgar Howard Stratton

Edgar Howard Stratton, a draftee, aged 21, enlisted November 1, 1861, at Oneonta, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. E, 76th NY Vol Inf., July 17, 1863; captured in action, May 5, 1864, at the Wilderness, Va.; died of disease, October 10, 1864, at Andersonville, Ga., a prisoner of war.

Mary and Cornelius Stratton, married May 24, 1835 at Nichols, Tioga County, NY, were the parents of Edgar and lived in Vestal, NY.

Camp Near Cullpeper Va. March 5th /64

Dear Father & Mother 

I now take my pen in hand to write you A few lines; I am not very well at presant but hope this will find you all well, 

I have been on camp Guard twice and been on drill two days; is all the duty I have done this Winter I am in the Regt yet and the prospect is I will have to stay here; Charles Moll has got his discharge and gone home and if you have not seen him I want you to go and see him; and dot the business up good and nice for I think it will help me 

I wish you would send me one of your latest News Papers so I can have some thing to read I recieved A letter from Mr Rounds folks some time ago but cant Answer it for the want of Postage stamps they are A scerce article down here and now if you recieve this letter I want you to send me 50 cts worth I will send you (10) ten dollars in this letter 

we are mustered for the next two months Pay and expect our pay soon my right shoulder and side is so sore and lame it herts me to do eny thng but my eyes is getting well they do not bother me much of eny now I have not held from you in A good while and now I wish you to write often and please write all the new's give my love to all enquireing friends and A good Share to yourselves this from your ever true and loveing son Edgar Stratton to his Father & Mother 

P.S. direct to Edgar H. Stratton Co. E. 76 Regt N.Y.S.V. Washington, D.C.Camp Near  the Raphanoc Co. E, 76th Regt. N.Y.V. 

September 26, 1863 
Washington D C 

Dear Father and Mother 

I though would rite you a few lines and let you that I Was Well and enjoying my Self and it is the first thu that place to rite as we have been marching most of the time since we left home. I drawed 25 dollars of my bouty and sent 10 dollars of it home by fose I lent Elmiry and I Want you to Write to me and let me kow Wether you receive it or dont 

I Spose you want to kno how tents With me it is Charles Mott and Jesse L Weidman the days are Warme and the nights are Could 

When Was near at Raphanock We Can hear the Cannonading about 3 miles from us Our boys drive the rebles beyond the rapidan Thay air hear Within a mile of Some ours now Some our boys have Seen them to day and We Under marching orders With the eigt days rations the 28 of this las month theas was one deseter in the 12 Core and theas is 5 more to be shot before long I want you to writ to me as Soon as you recive this from your son 

E. H Stratton
Army of the Patomac 2 Brigade 4 Divison 5 Army Corps C. E, 76 Regt N.Y.S. Vol. Washington, D.C.

 Cullpepper Va. March 29th, 1864

Dear Father & Mother

I now take my pen in hand to writ a few lines to you to enform you that I am quite well for me but still my side is quite lame yet and my lungs quite full; bu I hope this will find you all enjoying good health 

I have been out away from the camp to day with my gun and straps for the first time this winter; I have been out about 3 miles from camp on a Grand Review of this (the 5) Corps and a grand Site it was too it was reviewed by General Warren our Corps General and General Wadsworth our Division General but it commenced raining and broke us off before it was all over if it had of been A pleasant sun shiney day it would of been worth going a good ways to see and it was A fine Site as it was our Regt was about in the center and was situated so we could look rite on to the line both sides of us and the artilery was on an other emanance in front and facing us; I never saw as meny men together at once before

it rains quite hard here now and the wind blows like fun and if the roof of your house was flopping like ours is I guess you would be some skeerd Oh Well Mother I have not got eny wood but I guess i will have to get some it does rain; I will send you ten dollars in this letter, and if you want to use it for your selfs, or for the children use it ten dollars is all I dare risk in A letter at once and now as soon as you recieve it I want you to write to me so I will know if it sent through safe and let me know whare Cole is and the reason why he does not write to me well 

I shall have to close my letter and get up and hold the roof on my shanty or the wind will blow it off I dont believe yet that we have got to stey here 3 years this from your absent son 

Edgar H. Stratton 
Co. E. 76 Regt. N.Y.S.V. Washington D.C. To, Cornelius Stratton Union Broome Co. NY

Soldiers mentioned in letters:

Charles Mott, age 25, enlisted at Vestal, to serve three years, and mustered in as private Co. E, 76th NY Vol Infantry, July 17, 1863; discharged for disability, February 24, 1864, at Culpeper, Va.

Jesse L. Weidman age 21, enlisted at Windsor, to serve three years, and mustered in as private, Co. E, 76th NY Vol Inf., July 17, 1863; wounded in action, May 5, 1864, at Wilderness, Va.; transferred to Co. A, November 18, 1864; to Co. B, One Hundred and Forty-seventh Infantry, January 28, 1865.

These letters were transcribed by B. Conrad Bush, 1940 Reading Road, West Falls, NY, 14170; e-mail Bushresear@aol.com; from original letters found at the National Archives, Washington, DC.

Punctuation and spelling are original, paragraphs added to enhance readability. 

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