Private Seymour Shoultes, Co. E

from 1901 AG Report: Age, 21 years. Enlisted, October 28, 1861, at Newark, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. E, October 29, 1861; deserted, January 17, 1862, at Albany, N.Y.

Seymour Shoultes of Newark Valley, NY was listed as a deserter in 1862.  He moved to Wisconsin along with his brother Elias (1835-1862) and served with Company G  25th Wisconsin Infantry and participated in the March to the Sea with General Sherman. He later returned to New York and died at Lestershire (Johnson City) in 1915. His memory might be better preserved if the following is included in the profile.
- Terry Shoultes
State of New York
County of Broome 

On this 29th day of July, 1891, personally came me a Notary Public ______ in and for said county and State, Seymour Shoultes, a resident of Lestersheir (sic), Broome Co, N.Y. who being first sworn according to law, declares and says:

"I was a member of Co. G, 25th Wis(consin) Vol. Inft and well and personally knew James B. Green of the same company.  On or about February 20th, 1865 at the crossing of the South Edisto River in South Carolina said Green was injured in the right groin by running onto a snag known as a 'cypress knee', covered by water in a swamp, on the banks of said river, which was then overflowing its banks.  I know this by personal knowledge, being called by Green to examine him and see the extent of the injury.  I found a red spot on the groin and as I was with him continuously thereafter, I know it made what is commonly called a 'breach' or hernia.  I have no interest in his claim for pension. 

Signed: Seymour Shoultes

In a later deposition held on September 1, 1896, he states:

I am 55 years old.  Occupation farmer till in recent years, post office as above.  

I was a member of Co. G, 25 Wis. Inf.  I enlisted in Jan 1864 and was discharged August 1865, as of Co. F, 12 Wis, Inf.  To which we had been transferred a short time fore we were mustered out.  I remember this claimant, James B. Green, as a member of the same company.  He enlisted at about the same time I did, was transferred to 12 Wis Inf.  At the same time I was, and was mustered out when I was.  I knew him before enlistment.  We lived in the same neighborhood and worked together.  I don't know whether I ever tented with him during service or not, don't remember, but I was intimate terms with him all the time of our service.  Claimant's two principal tent mates name  -  Sylvestor Burse and John Sinclair.  I don't know where they are.  

I remember that claimant injured himself during the service.  This happened along in the latter part of January or early part of February, 1865.  We were marched through a swamp one night, and the water was from knee to waist deep, and there were a great many cypress stumps through the swamp and claimant fell on one of those stumps and struck somewhere across the lower part of the abdomen.  The enemy was on the opposite side of the swamp and we were taken through the swamp at nighttime.  I can't locate the exact spot where the claimant was hurt, but somewhere in the groin or lower portion of the abdomen.  He complained of the injury right along after that.  I did not see the injured part, and did not see whether there was any bruise or discoloration.  He complained of it hurting him all the while during the balance of our service.  He had no treatment for it that I know during service.

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