Diary Of Lt. Samuel E. Sanders
Co. G, 76th Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry
Keeney Settlement, Cortland Co., N.Y.

This "Daily Remembrancer" was transcribed by Marcia Horton, a descendent of Lt. Saunders, and was retyped and supplied for this website by B. Conrad Bush. A copy of the transcript is available in the Cortland Historical Society. The diary covers the period from January 1, 1863 to Saunders' resignation from the Army in September.

Additional annotations added by Mike Brown are in italics.

January 1863

Thursday 1: Today finds me far away from home & the Society of Loved ones Oh! that I wer with them to day, the Col. made us drill in fore noon, in after noon Charly & self made biscuit fer Supper

Friday 2: Drilling to day as usual Cap is sick it is fine weather recieved three letters one from Father one from Mate Persons & one from Gip I thought a new year would bring me letters

Saturday 3: Went to Head grs to a Cort Martial case did not come out got to go again Monday Recieved a letter from Mate W We are living high these days had oysters for Supper

Sunday 4: Laying around all day dealing out Clothin this Milertary don't know any Sunday it hardly gives a fellow time to eat Received a letter from Charly & Nett wrote Father

Monday 5: Went to Division Head qrs on Rankns Court martial got to go again tomorrow went down to the dock Gen Wadsorth Reviewed the Division

Tuesday 6: Went up to Commissary I got gal W had a jubilant time all day went over to Rankin court Martial Got the news of Rosencrance Great Victory had to drink on it

Wednesday 7: Drilled Skirmish in fore noon Rained in after noon Gordon came in with can of oysters I cooked them and comenced a letter to Mate

Thursday 8: Went over to the 19th Cav saw Bert Porter & John Price had a good time got back about 7 found Basne Bar here helped eat Can Oysters i went to bed

Friday 9: Drilled in fore noon & finished Mates letter Skirmish drill in after noon

Saturday 10: Had drill this fore noon rained in after noon Received letters from Mate & Nett & Mate wrote Mate S & Mate P Went up to commissary heard the Rebs have even with

Sunday 11: Been Busy all day had Inspection and then I fixed up a cupboard wrote to mate & Nett Pay Master came to night

Monday 12: Bid not drill in fore noon but the Col could not stand it any longer he like to have went crazy!

Tuesday 13: The boys had a drill to day we got our pay mine was 88 dollars Gordon slept with me we did not get to be very early Dr Metcalf came back

Wednesday 14: Sent 50 dollars to father by Gordon to express at Washington All quiet on the Potomac the Col is on Nettles about the Squad Sergants

Thursday 15: Went to Brigade Commissary, drilled in after noon nothing of importance going on no mail to day

Friday 16: Rained about all night did not drill this fore noon, There is some talk of moving Rosnessow (?) can't tell where

Saturday 17: We do not move to day think now we will have to start Monday went down to the Landing Gordon came back brought my receipt all right & some straw

Sunday 18: Had Inspection by Cap Goddard, sent sick to Washington

Monday 19: Marching orders Michael went down to Landing for me we had a great time at night bought me a pair of boots paid 8 dollars. Got a letter from George he has sent a pass

January 20-24th - The "Falmouth Mud March"

Tuesday 20: Packed up & moved at 11 AM Marched until 7 PM stoped near Falmoth it rained all night it was a tough March

Wednesday 21: We marched about all day in the mud Several men got stuck

Thursday 22: Lay still in the smoke for camp fires filled the air with smoke went to bed with eyes almost out of my head have orders to return to old camp

Friday 23: Arose early and started for our old camp had a long march in from 6 in(ch) to two ft of mud Got home & found our old striped of every piece of board & our stove

Saturday 24: Had Inspection of guns the team came about night we got up our tents

Sunday 25: Had an Inspection Received a letter from Mate & F S Cap got a telegram that his Mother was sick has gone to Division Hd grs with furlough

Monday 26: Went to work & got out stuff enough fer an other Cabbin & got a team to haul it up

Tuesday 27: It rained all day but we got our cabin ready to put the tent on in the morn Brigade was Inspected to day George Steel & Arcbold promoted

Wednesday 28: Rained & snowed all day but Jim and self kept to work we got it pretty well along

Thursday 29: Went down to Landing in co with Gordon 3 our trunk & home boxes came to night the turkey was spoiled

Friday 30: Laying around camp finished our cabbin Received a letter from Charly

Saturday 31: Not much going on to day wrote to mate don't feel tip top to night

February 1863

Sunday 1: Had Regt. Inspection this morn not much going on to day had Oysters for Supper mail Application for Furlough of 20 days

Monday 2: Lay around all day Received letter from Mary

Tuesday 3: Nothing of importance Regt have gone on picket

Wednesday 4: Wrote Mother, AC Bowdish took Supper with us. Made a door & other fixings no letters from home AC Bowdish took Supper with us.

Thursday 5: AC is going to stay over untill the morning Cap Gannes was put in arrest for not fetching in the pickets Wrote to George

Friday 6: Went down to landing got bush Potatoes for Gordons horse it rained all day

Saturday 7: Nothing going on received a letter from father Mate wrote some

Sunday 8: Wrote to Mate & one to Mother very pleasant

Monday 9: Pleasant again wrote to Free & H D Call & one to George Bacon & sister Mrs Clark Received letter from George

Tuesday 10: Received letter from H D call nothing going on

Wednesday 11: Rained all day the Regt has gone out on picket Steve was here

Thursday 12: Wrote to Charly this morn Jim has gone to Court M the Col has got a Nigger tied up to a tree

Friday 13: Jim has got his furlough for 10 days we went over to Capt Clarks recieved a letter from Nett, The small pox is epc the 76th are vaxinated or ing

Saturday 14: Very pleasant to day Jim went this morning Mail out a Descriptive list for S Smith

Sunday 15: Wrote to Nett pretty dull times Rained all day no Inspection

Monday 16: Had drill fore noon & after noon wrote to Cap Sager

Tuesday 17: Went out & drilled nothing going on wrote to Capt. Goddard & George & wife

Wednesday 18: Received letter from home & Charly

Thursday 19: Received a letter from Mate & answered it Received Commission as 2nd Luit in Co. G 76 N Y Vols

Friday 20: Lay around camp all day wrote Cap Goddard Wrote to H D Call

Saturday 21: Went to Div Hd qrs to be mustered in as 2nd Luit saw six fellows heads shaved & they wer Drumed out of camp in 3rd Brig. Recd letter from F Shermerhorn

Sunday 22: It is the coldest day I have ever seen in Va Snow about 6 inches deep

Monday 23: Nothing going on to day no letters

Tuesday 24: Went over to Hd grs & was mustered in as 2nd Luit

Wednesday 25: All quiet no excitement commenced on the pay roll

Thursday 26: Rained so that there is nothing going on no letters yet

Friday 27: Nothing of consequence going on received a letter from Capt Sager

Saturday 28: Mustered for Pay recd letter from F Scher(merhorn) to day Jim has not got back yet

March 1863

Sunday 1: Monday 2: All quiet no letters John Mabury was here to day

Tuesday 3: The Regt came in Byron Emersen was here to day Capts Goddard & Sager came in to day brought me five letters

Wednesday 4: Nothing going on to day received a letter from H D Call & George & AM Kibbe

Thursday 5: Wrote to mate to day

Friday 6: Bert Porter was over here to day wrote to Nett & got a letter from Mate Cap is quite sick to day Ans Mates letter

Saturday 7: Went on pickett not any thing very hard the Back tail shot at a cow & got us ought

Sunday 8: Had a very great time to day a letter from mate Person & Slept in a feather bed the first since I left home

Monday 9: Did not do anything to day Cap Andrews & self raised hell with the boys

Tuesday 10: Came in this fore noon Col & Major Grover got back to day

Wednesday 11: Wrote to mate all quiet

Thursday 12: Wrote to mate Persons Dull times the Col had a school for the instruction of Officers

Friday 13: Wrote to Adda Tesmer Bill Johnsen is in camp

Saturday 14: Nothing of importance going on

Sunday 15: Officer of the day the boys had quite a spree

Monday 16: Fell pretty tough the Col keeps up his school

Tuesday 17: Went out on Skirmish drill at Col School in eve wrote to H D Call

Wednesday 18: Wrote to mother & A M Kibbe officers met to see about consolidating

Thursday 19: Drilled in fore noon The Rebs crossed the Potomac & our men drove them back

Friday 20: Storming no drills no letters

Saturday 21: No drill to day received a letter from mate wrote to C h & wife Charly & Frank

Sunday 22: Inspected the 3rd battery Co wrote to Mate

Monday 23: Wrote to George this morn had ball play to day

Tuesday 24: Had Inspection to day did not go out to play ball

Wednesday 25: Drilled the Com in fore noon went up & played ball was out in arrest for 24 hours to punish some one else Cap Young birth day no letters yet

Thursday 26: Had an easy time to day have scarcely been out doors

Friday 27: Played ball to day recd a letter from mate

Sunday 29: Officer of the day not any thing of importance going on Wrote to A Haskins

Monday 30: Got out 50 men this morning to police camp. i had a game ball Received a letter from Father he seem to think the abolitionist are not to blame for this War

Tuesday 31: Snowed & rained so that there is no drill & this brings around to the 1st of April once more Where an other year will find this child it is hard to say

April 1863

Wednesday 1: Nothing of importance going on

Thursday 2: Was reviewed by Gen Hooker to day had a splendid review

Friday 3: Wrote to father had Brigade drill this after noon

Saturday 4: Drilled in fore noon went down to the Landing with Luit Hatch saw Luit Hatha recd letters from George Almond & Ida High times I wonder if J L V C (Jim left Vol Corps?)

Sunday 5: Wrote to mate Persens Stormy no Inspection

Monday 6: Drilled today did not go out A Harvy Co B had his head shingled & Drumed out of the service for desertion

Tuesday 7: Drilled in fore noon lay in tent in after noon

Wednesday 8: Relieved Cap Goddard from officer of the day Inspected by Brigade Inspectors got a letter from Charly

Thursday 9: The Corps was reviewed by Abraham did not go out was not relieved untill they got back Cap has gone on pickett

Friday 10: The Army was Mustered to day recd a letter from H D Call Bert porter & Josh Mckeow was over

Saturday 11: Not much going on to day recd letters from John Barnes & Mate Wreloch

Sunday 12: Had Inspection this fore noon wrote to Mate in the afternoon

Monday 13: Drilled in fore noon & wrote H D & John Barnes had quite a time this evening

Tuesday 14: Drilled in forenoon & after noon orders to be ready tomorrow we expect to go in a day or two

Wednesday 15: Rained all day stopped the movement was on board of Survey had the papers to make out

Thursday 16: Quite pleasant again drilled no news or letters

Friday 17: Pleasant drilling to day

Saturday 18: The Pay master is here no drill Got my pay 200.70 Had a serenade this evening Paid the Sutler 71.80

Sunday 19: Officer of the day Capts Young and Story came back My leave of absence went up recd a letter from A. G Tasmer

Monday 20: Rained all day all quiet if it had not rained I think we would been off

Tuesday 21: Pretty tall talk of moving but guess we shant be disturbed to night

Wednesday 22: Had game ball & Inspection my leave came Parker sends $50.00 to wife C Hill sends $50.00 to D. McSean send letter with 20.00 in it

Thursday 23: Started for home it rained all day got in Washington in time for the cars & on my way for New York

Friday 24: Found my self in New York this morning put up at Mitchels cost __ got signed up & showered took dinner at 3 P. took the cars at 5 P.M. for Binghamten

Saturday 25: Arrived in B at 7:40 AM took the Morn train for Apulia took dinner with Sate & down home to tea went over & got Nett & Mate George came up

Sunday 26: George & self went to Fabius called on J D W & paid Mrs Hill $50.00 for C around Home to tea saw all the girls at F.

During the April 27th - May 6th period the 76th New York was engaged in the Chancellorsville Campaign. Saunders missed all but the last two days of the fighting, luckily.

Monday 27: H P Andrews & self went to Truxton & D (DeRuyter) saw all the folks & got back to Hs & staid all night Left Dans letter at his Bro & paid Parkers Wife $50.00 for him

Tuesday 28: Got up took break fast called on De & at Wits visited at Eds in after noon up to Miras in evening I wonder if some one has got to the depot yet

Wednesday 29: Mate & self went to DeRuyter took dinner at Ps tea with H B stoped at A Tex in eve

Thursday 30: Visited at Sates H Spears A B came over took dinner with F W mate & self had visit A. M.

May 1863

Friday 1: At home to day H.S. people & Gip & Sovinia came all these in eve

Saturday 2: At Home this morn Mate & Self went up to Eds started for VA again

Sunday 3: Got into New York about 11 oclock found W. Barret had a good visit with him started for Washington at 7:30

Monday 4: Got into Washington this morn saw Chet took the boat for A.C. the Provost Martial put me in charge of the men for first Corps got up to a wagon train staid with 2 m

Tuesday 5: Went to Regt to day not much fighting to day found 4 letters 2 from Mate one from Sate & H.D. Was got out once in the night it has been the hottest day of the season (the "not much fighting" was the last day of Battle of Chancellorsville).

Wednesday 6: Started for the rear very early this morn did not loose any men in crossing the mud is very thin rained all night & about all day. Camped over 7 miles above Falmoth

Thursday 7: Marched over two miles below White Oak Church Mud about deep enough

Friday 8: Wrote to Mate had Inspection to day Got a letter from Sid he is in Calesburg Falls

Saturday 9: Changed camp to day got a very pretty camp now

Sunday 10: Wrote to Father & Mother & H D Call had Inspection nothing going on awful hot weather we are having H Merchant of 6th was over

Monday 11: All quiet laying around camp

Tuesday 12: Nothing going on no drill wrote to George & Ansel & Elli

Wednesday 13: Laying around no sigh of movement went over to see Col Livingston with Cap Cook

Thursday 14: Receive 8 more men from the 23rd

Friday 15: They got us out in line very early this morning. the Rebs was closing to shell us out but we got the start of them

Saturday 16: Cliff & self went over to Coms stopped and saw Luit Merchant

Sunday 17: Regt went on pickett had a very pleasant time No disturbance with the Rebs

Monday 18: 10th & 13th Pen Co A NY went on pickett to day down at Dr Mortons a safe guard Bayoneted a horse of Co. K I instructed the guard

Tuesday 19: Was relieved about 10 AM got back to camp about 11 PM found a letter there from Mate We had Inspection this after noon

Wednesday 20: Had a drill to day wrote to Mate & Nett

Thursday 21: Drilling wrote to Adda Tasmer went on officer of the day

Friday 22: Worked hard all day policing camp C Watkins Relieved me got a letter from H D C

Saturday 23: Drilling all day it is very warm don't feel very well to day I guess that I worked to hard yesterday

Sunday 24: Receive 12 men for Co. G from 30th NY Vols about 130 for Regt

Monday 25: Drilling to day the new men don't understand very well

Tuesday 26: Drilling as usual Received a letter from Mate & ans it

Wednesday 27: The Regt went on pickett wrote to Mate Sanders went on officer of the day wrote to Sate & Mate W. had ?

Thursday 28: Did not work very hard to day Merchant was over & got whisky

Friday 29: No drill to day were paid off to day wrote to H D C

Saturday 30: Was reviewed by Gen Rynolds no drill in the after noon Got a letter from Mother & one from Mate father & mother ("Gen Rynolds" is First Corps Commander Major General John Reynolds, at right, killed on the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg).

Sunday 31: Had Inspection wrote Mate

June 1863

Monday 1: Had Brigade drill this after noon down near the Fitzhue house

Tuesday 2: Drilling A.C. Bowdish was over sent $180.00 to express by him Went over to the 122nd NY to night

Wednesday 3: Drilling in fore noon had Brigade drill in after noon

Thursday 4: Was got out at 2 this morning lay in line all the fore noon order was counter manded & are pitching our tens again don't feel very well

Friday 5: Wrote Charly am on sick list Received letters from Mate H. D. Call ans them both

Saturday 6: Got out at four this morning lay around all day part of the troops have crossed the river Pitched our tents again to night

Sunday 7: Wrote to Mate & A C Kibbe Received a letter from Mary

Monday 8: Drilled to day got out of it in the after noon

Tuesday 9: Drilled as usual no letters

Wednesday 10: The Regt went on pickett nothing going on Luit Merchant was over

Thursday 11: All quiet in camp got orders at 9 PM to march at day light

Friday 12: Marched at the break of day marched about 20 miles there was a fellow shot of desertion

Saturday 13: Marched again at day light saw Sate Porter & Mat Ross Received letters from home Mate & Nett Staid about 3 miles beyond the A & O R.R. Went on officer of the day

Sunday 14: Marched through Catlet & Bristol Station Marched all night

Monday 15: Brought up at Mannasus Junction this morn Marched to Centrerville got there about 4 PM got relieved from officer of the day by Cap Story

Tuesday 16: Lay quiet all day went over to the 157th in the after noon saw Festus Wilcox

Wednesday 17: Marched at light had a tough time a great many sun strokes got up to Gilford Station about 12 m Herdon

Thursday 18: Lay quiet all day it is very hot here nothing going on was got up at 2 AM but did not march

Friday 19: Marched at 11 AM arrived at Brand Run at 2 PM are to march again at 4 AM

Saturday 20: Was up at 4 but did not march it is very cool to day good time to lay in camp

Sunday 21: Did not get up untill 6 AM got a mail to day Recd letters from H. D. C. Mate W Charley George & Ider Sate got orders to march at a moments notice

Monday 22: Recd letter from father & A M Kibbe wrote to Mate H. D. Call returned to the Regt to day

Tuesday 23: Nothing going on to day the Regt went on pickett C.A. Watkins assigned to G Co.

Wednesday 24: Laying around to day went over & played ball a while

Thursday 25: Got orders to march at 7 AM arrived at the Potomac at 12 PM at Beelsville at 3 1/2 PM at Barnesville at 7 PM where we camped for the night Rained all night

Friday 26: Started at 7 Am crossed the Monacacy 10 AM Marched to Jefferson arrived at 5 PM it has been very Rainy all day

Saturday 27: Went through Jefferson a small town & marched to Middle Town another small town very dirty place went over to an old farmers & took dinner there was a couple of young ladies

Sunday 28: Gale absent without leave to be fined $5.00 wrote to father Marched at 2 PM arrived at Fredrick at 7 PM we passed through a splendid country 8 miles

Monday 29: Marched at day light was on wagon guard passed through Mechanicville & a small town Catoctin Furnace arrived at Emmitsburg 20 miles St Josephs & St Marys Seminary were about all that is nice about to day

Tuesday 30: Marched at day light passed through the town this morn it is about all burned down Marched about 6 miles Camped for the night Bob Story and self went out for bread got chickens

July 1863

July 1st - 3rd - The Battle of Gettysburg

Wednesday 1: Marched for Gettysburg at 7 AM passed around the town & got into a fight on short notice a bullet took me in the foot when I was helping off Maj Grover the boys carried me to the hospital did not get much sleep

Thursday 2: Found myself a prisoner this morning & there is a big battle going on the Rebs are pretty thick in town how this will come out can't say but we are giving them fits I am getting along very well

Friday 3: The fighting is not so sharp to day We think the Rebs are going to climb tonight they getting more than they can carry off handy

Saturday 4: The Rebs are on the skadaddle this morning took an ambulance & left town for fear the Rebs shells found part of G Company This is a little longer than 3 years ago they celebrated here
(was the ambulance he took driven by Pvt. Bruce Shipman? We'll never know. He was there, with his ambulance, and was also captured on July 1st. See "Private Bruce Shipman and the Ambulance Corps")

Sunday 5: A C Bowdish called as the 12 Corps was passing the Army We are on the move again the Surgeons are all ordered to there Regt We have to part with Dr. Derffield wrote to folks We are having good times here

Monday 6: The Regt moved this morn Got along very well to day P. Coles came down after the remains of Maj Grover ("P. Coles" is Charles P. Coles, editor of the Cortland Gazette. For an account of Coles' trip to recover Major Grover's remains, see: "A Newspaper Editor's View of Gettysburg")

Tuesday 7: P. Coles came back this morning We have made up our minds to try & get home Went down to little town noted for its Hospitality and Agreeable Ladies

Wednesday 8: The ladies took very good care of us before we started We had a tough time in them old cars got aquatinted with Luit Lawrance 126th N.Y. Vols.

Thursday 9: Arrived in Balt this morning at 3 AM went to the Newton university Hospt. got our leave of Absence for 20 days the ladies are very kind here

Friday 10: Went out and got my pay this morning & Suit of Clothes took the cars at 8:30 for Philadelphia took a Hack for the other depot

Saturday 11: Arrived in Jersey City this morning took the cars for Bing. & thence to Apulia got a livery to take me down home was about bushed when I got home

Sunday 12: Mate & Nett came over this morning quite surprised I guess Louisa came to see Mate. Mate sit up with me guess she thinks I ain't very sociable

Monday 13: Mater & Nett went away this morning & Loesa Dr Hill called to day

Tuesday 14: Chapes Brother came up to find out about him F.S. Gay Mother called on the same errand wrote to Adj Gen & Cap Goddard. Mate came over this after noon there was some thing here spoilt the visit

Wednesday 15: Quite lonely to day Dr Hill called a while A. Haskins in the eve

Thursday 16: Hi Gibbs called this morn Nett came over in eve sit up with me

Friday 17: Mate & Mrs Piard came over to day

Saturday 18: Gip & Sovinia came up Mate set up with me

Sunday 19: They wer all here to day Mate & Nett went back to night

Monday 20: Eds wife came down to day with baby

Tuesday 21: The water is pretty high it swept off hay coops & fences Wrote to H.D.C.

Wednesday 22: It is quite fair again it is pretty lonesome here Nothing going on Dr. Hill called again

Thursday 23: Pretty quiet here to day got a circular from Adj general

Friday 24: The Dr called to day Hellen F. came down to tea just as flat as ever

Saturday 25: Nothing going on to day George came up to night

Sunday 26: Mate came over and staid while the people wer gone to church Myra was down after tea Bill Wall & Sate in evening George & Eliza went home to day

Monday 27: Issac Babcock & wife down here in evening

Tuesday 28: Mate & Lizzy came over to day Dr. Hills called & A. Brooks

Wednesday 29: No one here to day Nett and Mate did not come Reported to the A.G. & to the Regt

Thursday 30: Eugene came over in the Stage gone over to see Mate. Mate & Lasen & their Mother came over this after noon

Friday 31: Cap Goddard is at home D. Glass & J Whurt called this morning

August 1863

Saturday 1: Cap & Fars came up Misa was down this after noon

Sunday 2: Mate & Nett came down from Bible class they staid untill after eve Meeting

Monday 3: Al l quiet to day Grid came here to work

Tuesday 4: W.D. Fox came over to night

Wednesday 5: Sate came down to day I went up home with her Rills is around

Thursday 6: Had several calls from the Married Ladies to day Ada & Misa & Frank wer over to night Rills is full of her time had a quilting lot there

Friday 7: Elder Blunt & people wer down to Mrs Calls had several calls from aged Ladies again to day

Saturday 8: Went down home this after noon. A.J. Keeny & wife & I. Babcock & his better 1/2 wer there

Sunday 9: Mate came over this morn The Frost boys and Sate came down George & Kibbe came up I went home with them

Monday 10: A very quiet place up here nothing going on George is Mowing with machine

Tuesday 11: Maria's birth day she had some company the Baldwin girls Jane is among them she is looking as fresh as ever had a hard rain last night

Wednesday 12: Nothing going on today

Thursday 13: George broke his machine

Friday 14: George & self went to Pitcher saw Carter Went over to Bang & thence to Mallorys stoped over night. Josh is going to take me home

Saturday 15: Had a good visit with Mina to day Gip came to night Josh & self went to Bang Mina & self rode out Gip and Mina keep pretty late hours

Sunday 16: Gip & self got up when breakfast was ready Josh came & brought me home Mate was here Josh went over & got Nett he went home to night

Monday 17: Went up to Eds his man was not at home went up street with father

Tuesday 18: Reported again to Regt & to Washington went down below Truxton with Doc saw Miss T & rode out with her Mrs Brown & Miss Tasbank & Sarah Angel here

Wednesday 19: Went up to Eds Ems came down at nite

Thursday 20: Mary Fox was over to day went over to Jims

Friday 21: Jim & self went to DeRuyter took dinner with Henry's people Sate H. came in don't feel very well my throat is sore Mate & Mary came along Mrs B. got fooled Nett & Amelia was up

Saturday 22: Not much going on to day Frank came after me but I did not go home

Sunday 23: Jim & Sate came & fetched me home Mate was here & Nett was here went home with Mate the first time I have been Sparking in a long time

Monday 24: Every thing is lovely this morning Mate & Self had a visit this eve

Tuesday 25: Ans & Ell was down to day Mate & Self had a quiet time in the pasture

Wednesday 26: Did not get up to Miss Haskins to day. Uncle Edmond like to never went to be so Mate & Self took our selves off

Thursday 27: Albert came down after me this morning had a very good time Went down to John Tasmers with Albert this eve

Friday 28: Staid over here all day went home at night

Saturday 29: Gip & Mina came up Mate & Nett are over hen Brown & Elly came up

Sunday 30: Went to church to day Gip went over & took the girls home I went & took Mate over in the morning

Monday 31: We went up & took dinner with Sate Went down to see Jim in the after noon Staid up at Davis over night

September 1863

Tuesday 1: Went & took Dinner over to her sister & came around home

Wednesday 2: Charly Thomsen & self went to the village took tea with Sate

Thursday 3: Went to the village with Harl our folks have gone to camp meeting went down home with Harl

Friday 4: At Harl's all day

Saturday 5: At Harl's yet H & self went to Truxton went down & got Phobe came home Mate was here

Sunday 6: Went up to Ells Charly came home from George's Jim came up from camp meeting with Mate

Monday 7: At home to day Vin & self went to see Mate & Nett found them off sight

Tuesday 8: Charly & self went to Cortland called at camp meeting saw ex Caps Sager & Fox went up to Wm Barrels & staid over night

Wednesday 9: Staid until after dinner & came home

Thursday 10: Mate & Self went to Den took dinner at Georges tea at home Babcock went up & got Hellen Spears & spent the evening with here he got around home at 11 oclock

Friday 11: Vin Mate & Self went down to Shermerhorns called at Miss Macumbers school

Saturday 12: Went to the village got back to Jims & took tea Geo & Sate wer there Sate is looking fine went down & spent the eve & stoped over night with Mate

Sunday 13: Brought Mate over home went to church the people went in the eve Staid at home Mate came back with folks

Monday 14: At home to day

Tuesday 15: Went to the village sent in my resignation went over to Ansel Fox Mate is fixin a dress for Ell

Transcribed by Marsha Horton and transcript copied by B. Conrad Bush.

Sanders is mentioned in a letter to the National Tribune by C. W. Cook

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