A Letter from Private Anthony Moran

Anthony Moran, age 22, enlisted at Buffalo, to serve three years, and mustered in as private, Co. C, 76th NY Vol Inf, August 12, 1863; killed in action, May 8, 1864, at Laurel Hill, Wilderness, Va. He was drafted into the service.

Moran is listed as "found on the field at Wilderness or Spotsylvania".

Mary and Anthony Moran, married in the Parish of Downphiene in the County of Mayo, Ireland January 1829, were the parents of Anthony. They lived on a small farm in Ontario, Canada. They had the following children; Catherine, Anthony, Martin, Mary, Ann, Edward, Patrick, and Margaret.

Culpeper April the 7 1864

Dear parence

I tak the opurtunity of wrighting those Fue lins to you hopeing tha may Find you in as good a state of helth as this dos me at present thank god for it

Dear parence I rcived your leter On the 4 thof april which gave me Great plesur to here from you And to here that martin was com home for muny I cud not send non Now I had a hundred dollars to send you and it got all spild in A belt that I had a round my Waist all but 10 dollars that I had to past it to paper and Than I was not aloud but 2 dollars for it I was going to wright and send it to you when we got marchin orders and the river was very hight and we had to Waid them we had no time To put dan the pontune bridges the rebs was tring to flank us so we had to go to the ck and thin we went a cros the river that the water was up to our arms we was gone 4 days we got back the day before I received your leter I will rite to Faines tomorow I rot a leter to uncal Faines and I receved a leter from him a bout 2 weks a go he and Famly is all well he said he Wood wright a nothar leter soon to me but I did not get it yet A bout the pas port I did not Now but it was takin out as as well as the Clous It will do as Well as new on we will be Dis Charged sum time this month but we do not now What time a bout John Cuningham I did not here any thing a bout him Sins nor a bout his buotherinlaw James McCabe sins he went to the hospatle it coms that you here more a bout whare we will have a batle than we do for thare is nothing here A bout it an till we are in to it we did not here any thing A bout us having any batle At culpepper yet but tha Are fortifing it evry day now A bout the generls name you want to now generl wadsworth is our Division Comander general rice is Our Brigade Comander the Cornal of our rigment is John Cook and Captin of our Company his name is watkins a bout pay I am geting Pay thare is fore munths wages Due to me now but we will not get it an till we go to Washington I will go to se my uncal bebore I go home No more at Presant but I remain your son til Death Anthony Moran


This letter was transcribed by B. Conrad Bush, 1940 Reading Road, West Falls, NY, 14170; e-mail Bushresear@aol.com; from original letters found at the National Archive, Washington, DC

Other soldiers mentioned in the letter:

John Elihu Cook age 32, enrolled October 1, 1861, at Middleburg, to serve three years; mustered in as captain, Co. I 76th NY Vol Inf, October 14, 1861; wounded in action, July 1, 1863, at Gettysburg, Pa.; mustered in as major, same date; as lieutenant-colonel, September 30, 1863; wounded in action, May 5, 1864, at the Wilderness, Va., and October 7, 1864, near Hatchers Run, Va.; discharged, October 15, 1864, near Petersburg, Va.

James McCabe, age 26, enlisted at Buffalo, to serve three years, and mustered in as private, Co. C, 76th NY Vol Inf, August 15, 1863; accidentally wounded, October 19, 1863, while on skirmish; transferred to Co. A, November 8, 1864; to Co. B, One Hundred Forty-seventh NY Infantry, January 28, 1865.

Charles Watkins, age 23, enrolled October 20, 1861, at Oneonta, to serve three years; mustered in as first lieutenant, Co. K, 76th NY Vol Inf, November 30, 1864; promoted quartermaster, July 29, 1862; transferred to Co. I, as first Lieutenant, March 1, 1863; to Co. E, no date; to Co. G, June 23, 1863; mustered in as captain, Co. C, February 22, 1863; discharged November 8, 1864, near Petersburg, Va.


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