Letters of  Private John Lindsey

John Lindsey age 18, enlisted October 12, 1861, at Cortland, NY, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. F, 76th New York Volunteer Infantry, October 18, 1861; died of typhoid fever, June 27, 1862, near Fredericksburg, Va.; borne as Lindsay. He was a resident of Dryden, NY and his physical description at enlistment was height 5 foot 8 inches high, hair dark, eyes dark, complexion light and was employed as a laborer and as a student.

Sabrina Higby and Ira Lindsey were married in 1826. His father was a peddler. The family consisted of Sarah, who married John W. Phillips before the war, John, Abel H. and Fessington.

(transcripts from portions of letters)

Albany Camp Rathbone Dec 21 (1861)

Dear Sister

"--- I have not drawn my cloath yet when we draw our pay I will send it all home but 2 or 3$ ---"

your loving broather
John Lindsey

Rikers Island
Jany 24th (1862) N.Y.

Dear Father

Yesterday we got our pay I will send mine home today in the care of H. Sears Lieu Mead takes it to New York City and he will see it safe so that you will get it I drawed $32 dollars 20 of it i will Send home when I pay for my Knife and for some money that i borrowed to by paper and Stamps with I will have $29 left I will Keep 9$ to by paper ink and get my boots fixed with I want to by a inlain rubber blanket that will cost me 1.40 i will Keep the rest so not to be out of money again we are on a island and do not expect to go off in 2 months I have got to see to my money being sent to you now and have not got me to write any more as soon as I get some ink and paper I will write a good long letter to you write as soon as you can my love to all Mother Fus Sarah John Franky and you

John Lindsey

Washington D.C. Feb 2th 1862

Dear sister

tell pa to write and I wand him to use every cent of the money that I Send home he and done enough for me now I shall do as much as I can for him now I want him to use every cent of it and all that I Send home I send for him to use next pay I will Send you home Some more and I want you to use it all up so that you will not have to be out in the coll so much nothing will make me happyer than to have you use it Now bye flour and anything you want with it if you owe any use it to pay it with I have plenty to last one so you need not be saveing of it but use it we will be paid again on the first of march and then I will Send you some more now sister you see that pa does as i tell him I dont ask for anything back he has done enough for one

from your loving brother
J. Lindsey

Camp Totten
76 Regt. Co. F.
Febry 26th 1862
Washington D.C

Dear Sister

this week or next also our pay I shall Send home a check and our folks can draw the money on any bank that they pleas the Government will pay us in checks that will draw on any bank in the Federal States I think it is a good way as it save expense to us in getting it home

from your loving broather
John Lindsey

Dryden March 6th 1862

Dear Brother

now about your pay send it to ma this time direct it to her Pa is full of some speculation he has paid ten dollars of your money for two scipes of bees you know he never has made anything on bees so to save it send it to ma dont write any thing about what I have writen only say you want ma to have it this time for her comfort She will put it on interest no news of importance

I must set the table so good by dear brother now

your loving
sister Sarah

March 29th 1862
Washington D.C.
Fort Slocum
76 Regt. Co. F.

Dear Father Mother and Broather

--- you say that your health is not very good now Mother do you get a good girl to work for you and you can pay her out of the money that I send home I had rather pay out every Cent than to have you get sick now dear mother do as I tell you and do not work any for you will get sick if you do get a girl and keep her as long as you want her I can pay for her work

now Fus do as much for Pa and Ma as you can the are a growing old and they have been good parants to us do as much for them as you can for my sake you will never be sorry for it dont give them across word

Washington, D.C.
76th Regiment Co. F.
Abral 5th 1862

Dear brother

as I had nothing else to amuse myself by I thought That i would write to you and ma I hardly know what to write to you I have just had my dinner So I will tell you what I had for it well I had Some frid bread and Sogger as it is Satterday our rations has run rather low I wish that I was to home to eat one of mas good dinners I would give Something I tell you but we have got to do the best we can

I wisht I was to home you wood never get me a way again you be Shure to have ma write and tell me what papers thare was that she Sent to Captain Barnard for I want to get them I shall get my discharge if I can dont let any of the D. folks know it for I want to Come home and learn a trade and if I ever get home I will Stay there

now brother as soon as you get this write back to me let me Know what Pa is adoing how he gets a long let me know what ma is a doing and how her health is if she is not well She had better get a girl to do her work for her I can pay for one out of any pay you Send me a lot of papers I dont have much to read here but I read my testement every day tell ma to Send me a little money for I have none to bye any papers with I have to get it of the boys we dont know when we will get our pay the pay rolls have been mate out almost a month there is nothing Said about paying our groceries are very high here butter 30 cents a pound supper 20 cts pies as big as one of mas tea cups 10 cts a peice Milk 10 cts a quart and half water at that how does the old mare look is She fat tell ma to let me know how that soet of old Jones gets along if it will come off when is Sarah Ryon I can have not heard from her since I left Cortland give my best respect to Mrs French how s all of the boys and girls in Dryden write and tell me all of the news give my love to Ma Pa Sarah John and Frank and your self

from your loveing broather
John Lindsey
Write Soon

PS direct to Wash. D.C. 76 Regt. Co. F N.Y.S.V.

Union (he drew crossed sabers) John Lindsey

These letters were transcribed by B. Conrad Bush, 1940 Reading Road, West Falls, NY, 14170; e-mail Bushresear@aol.com; from original letters found at the National Archive, Washington, DC.

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