Letters of  Private Edgar Jones

Edgar W. Jones mustered in November 8, 1861 at Greene, New York in Company "B", 76th New York Volunteer Infantry, left camp at Cortland, New York November 28, 1861 on sick furlough at Pitcher, N.Y. rejoined the regiment at Rikers Island by January 30, 1862. He was present with the regiment from then to August 1862. He died of Typhoid Fever on September 12, 1862 at Emory U.S. General Hospital, Washington, D.C.

He was the son of Emily and Solomon Jones. They had one daughter Lucy M. born December 10, 1848 who was under sixteen in 1862. The Jones were living in Shawnee County, Kansas in May of 1880 when Emily's pension application was filed. Her husband had lost his right leg and was unable to support her. Edgar's letters were found in his mother's pension file at the National Archive in Washington, D.C. placed there to help prove that he helped to support the family while in the army.

Rikers Island
Jan 28th 1862

Dear Friend Sneg

I received your kind Leter 23rd and was vary gad to hear from you and here that our folkes was all well. I heard that Haty was dead by lessle heyes. that must have bin a sad thing for her. father give my best respect to aunt lucy and the great general you sed that you sent me to papers but I have not recved eny of them. I Sent $51 home but you had not gat that when you riton.

We are again to live for new york and then we shall start from there for washingon on the Cars. you Can write and if we go the Leters will be forwarded on to me. give my best respct to all of girles. tell bill dakey that I will write to him rite a way. Levi's broth in the same Companey with me and Jerome Frink and Georg I have rote all of the news I Can think of.

Direct as the same

Dear father

I now take my pen in hand to write a few lines to you to let you know how I am a geting along. I am well and was vary glad to here that you was well and all of the rest. you wanted me to when I write rember that I had a mother I want you to rite and let me now how she is geting along. george has rote to Charles but he did not get them. I wrote to him to myself. george sends his best love and respets to you and all of the folks. I got one of them papers at albney.

I mean to Return a brave soldirar. I enlisted to save the flag of our cuntry and I will up hold it till I die. I mean to returne to my home a brave Soldier boy. we shall get our guns here or when we get to washington. I am a helping drill greene men that have not drilled as much but I want more more drilling with thee gunes. I was apointed drill shergent yesterday by the Curnel. he see me a drilling some boys and he Came to me sed he to me your ar the man I was loking for and Cold not think what he wanted of me. I thout he was agoin to but me in the guard hous but he led me along to the hall of the towen and there was a lot of greene men and he sed that he wanted me to take them and drill them in the facing and he stoode a while and sene me drill them and then he left by a saing that I must get them and drill them two more in the forenoon and the same in the afternoon and then he left me. well you must know how I felt a drilling a Lot of old men. well I maid the thing work and the men liked me first rait and they don just as I told them.

I don not think of eny more to write for it is most time to go to drill so must close by saing rite as soon as you get them

from your only son

Letter is decorated in upper right hand corner with a flying eagle over National Shield and three Flags

wasington Feb 4th 1862

Dear beloved father

I recived you kind letr of the 28th and was very glad to here from you and hear that you the rest of the folks was well and that you had recved the money. I have bot a inden ruber blanket. it Cost me 2 Dolers and 1/4 that is to Cepe dry when I stand on gard in the rain and to Lie on the ground when I lay on the ground. I recived a leter from lesslie heys and gnet and was glad to here from them.

the damb old rebels in baltimore when we went out threw brick bats at us and they like to kild one of our men. they hit him on the head and noked him don and I help Cary him to the Car. one of our men shot at another and did not hit him for he fell down just as quick as he shot. the felow thout that he had kild him foe sed he I hav kild the god damp old rebel but as bad luck wold have it he did not hit him.

we are quartrd on the square. we are in the dstrick of Clombia rite by the Captol. I have see that man that they Call old Abe lincon.

you sed that caren aneai an huey fone was and mary was out thare I should like to have sene at her for I have never see here vary well. I shall see her if she is alive and I am to. well I must hery up for I have got one more Lter to write to Ses and then I am don. gerom send his best repets to you and wanted you to write to him and Levi Hall and george send their best respects to you.

give my bes respets to fae hitchcock we ar only 7 miles from gerst henry and don wilson. I am agoing over to see them as son as the curnell will let me. he is agoin to lern me so I Can drill a gun squad and then he sed that he was agoin to set me to drilling a lot of men. the men that guard the rail roade told me that they shot a lot of rebals the nite before cause they was agoin to tere up the rail roade.

I must Close by so write as much as you get this

Direct to warshington sity 76 / Co B Warshington

(letter not signed)

washington april 6, 1862

Dear Father

I riecbed your kind liter last night but I got the other that you rote to me a bout the money. I do want you to send me $ 2 for I have got to buy for a shirt that I lant of one of the Corpurels in our Comney and he wants it and then I Can send home $ 20 when I draw and keep $ 6 for my self. we have got to buy for a stove in our tent to keep our self warm. it is as Cold here as it is at home now and winter has just set in so the peopel say here it is a raining but it is a vary Cold rain. we have barter some lumber to fix our tent with. it Cost us $ 2 and I have got to help pay. gerome has paid for mine so far and I have got to pay him to. tell mother that I want her to send me one or to towels when send that box of pravishens I am vary that she and aunt poly is a going to send us some of ther vitels. I shall be glad to get some of my mothers bread that I ust to get out of her Cupord. I am out of the rech of her kind hand. giv my best respects to mary and Jim.

we are incamped on the hill whare they have bin a batell and we Can find Canon balls and shot and slugs that have bin fired. I found a part of a gun with the name of jeff davisis name on the thing that held the fun on the barell of the gun. we have bin incamped a two days on this hill the name of this hill is myriden hill.

tell mother that I have got the bed blanket with me yet and it is vary warm. we are incampt A boute nine miles from the rebels camp. I gst henry is a boote four miles from me and I Can go over and see him and see rest of the boys. bill never is thare to they have got the miseres Camp ground in the south. we Can see the forfax Cort house from and the batomick river. so tell Sneg that I have got a nice valentine for her and gnet hoywood to send to them. I have rote all of the nuse that I can think of so I will Close by saing write as son as you get this.

from you son
Edgar W Jones

Camp Dubldey
May 15, 1862

Dear Sister

I Have first receved your Kind Leter and Hasten to answer it. I am well and Hope that this will Find you and the rest of our Folks the Same. We got paid off yesterday and did not get only 26 Dolars. Have just sent Father 5 Dolars and when that gets home i want you to write out I will Send 5 more. We are a Having Fine times here. my Sutler Bill was 6 Dolars and 1/4 and then I Bought me a Pair of Boots and them Cost me $ 4 Dolars and 1/4. We Can not get everything a man down here with out going vary Hye price.

We get all the Fly Blone meate that we Can eate. our Regt will almost be in two months if the Boys Keepe Rening away as they Have here ever since they were paid off.

I Can not think of eny more at present & a good By

E W Jones

Dear Father

Your Kind letter reached me two night and I was vary glad to Here From you. we Drawed 2 monts pay and thare is 5 Dolars and the wife For you and when you get it I wont you to Sit Down and write rite Back and I will Send 5 more well.

the Boys are all well that Come From greene and they all send there Best respects to you. Jimmey Hungersford just was down here a mint ago and He told me to give His best respects to you

If it was not For Him I should Be Sent Home Sick as I Could be.

I can not think of eny mor I a good By to Father

E W Jones

Direct the Same tell mother that I Have not Forgoten Her From you son mother

I liked to Forgot I got the Chenango paper and wold Like to Have you Send me them every weakly E W JONES Hi Father G Jones

These letters were transcribed by B. Conrad Bush, 1940 Reading Road, West Falls, NY, 14170; e-mail Bushresear@aol.com; from original letters found at the National Archive, Washington, DC.

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