Letters of  Private George Hill

George Hill, age 23, enlisted at Troupsburg, to serve three years, and mustered in as private, Co. H, 76th NY Vol Inf., July 18, 1863; transferred to Co. F, February 2, 1864; retransferred, April 11, 1864; wounded at Culpeper Court House, January 23, 1864; gun shot wound to left foot, admitted to McClellan General Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa, returned to duty September 6, 1864; captured in action, October 1, 1864, at Polpar Grove Church, Va.; paroled, at N.E. Ferry, Md, March 3, 1865; furloughed March 19, 1865 from Camp Parole, Annapolis, Md for 30 days, admitted to Elmira General Hospital, March 24, 1865 suffering from Double Pneumonia and died March 25, 1865, at Elmira, NY; also borne as George B. Hill.

Mary C. and James Hill, parents of George; Charles, born November 11, 1849; Nancy, born October 19, 1853; Dennis, October 3, 1856; Louisa, born September 23, 1859; Walter, born May 23, 1863. They lived in Troupsburgh, Steuben County, New York.

Ed Holt, Bill Hall and George Car are not members of the 76th NY Vol. Infantry.

Camp ner bristo Station Oct 3 1863

Dear father an mouther an berothe an Sister i now take my pen an let u now that am Well an hope thes few lines Well fine u the Same

Rcivd your letter of the 28 an have ol the letters u Spoke obote an Still har have wrote 2 senc i ben here an befor i was so bisy on the moove tht i cod not get time to for a while but i men to rite often as posable an i want u to rite as oftn as u cun for like to hear fom home aly watch to no id i go #40 i got $25 elmira and i bot som though that i nd an i put $10 in a letter

Write an tel if u got to Stan SLocm

Oct 15 63 i am at Centervil Va when we come along last sunday they was fighing right by our Side day before yesterday and yesterday they was Skirmishing yesterday we took 11 pieces of Artillery took 500 men and drove the rebs

Camp near culpeper Oct 9, 10, 11/63

i tak my pen in hand to tell What is a goying on hre now ost thy i was dtaill for gart unto abot 4 ds we got orts to march at fwe mnts and to nite we pact five days two in the moriny at bractforst time we got orters to fol in a meditly til abot noon an Wated til nite an got order to pich tents an Stay til morning but we hat sculy got im Supper when the order pack tents as quick as posible we pack as well i expect to try my gun evry minit George Hill

(no date)

This morning I see Ed Holt and George Car and Bill Hall Ed and Bill is as tough and Ruged as ever George Car looks pretty funy I was detailed as guard to keep the worms from caryying off the hard tacks I did stop to take the worms out but now I have got use to it and dont stop for that

if you haint Sent them postage Stamps I want you to Send them I want you to Write and tell me whether you got that money or not no more at present write Soon as you gt this good by Geroge Hill to his father

June 2 64

Dear friends i Wanse take my pen in hand to let u no that i got your letter of may the 29 you rote that u did not use dol i will resk hur to Work a little if She is Well i have rot to you to Sel my stuf if you wont mony if git a chance i wont you to sel my plase for if ever am luky enof to out of unkle sam surves i shal go West i autherrised the Sanathary Comision to git my pay but i dont no Wether they Will or not

G H Hill June the 2 64

These letters were transcribed by B. Conrad Bush, 1940 Reading Road, West Falls, NY, 14170; e-mail Bushresear@aol.com; from original letters found at the National Archive, Washington, DC.

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