Letters of  Private William Hadley

William Wallace Hadley age 29, a farmer, enlisted at Jasper, New York to serve three years in the Seventy-sixth New York Volunteer Infantry. He was mustered in as a private in Company K on July 1863 as a recruit. He was captured in action on May 6, 1864 in the Battle of the Wilderness, Va. and was paroled in 1864 and discharged, September 8, 1865 at Elmira, N.Y.

William Wallace Hadley married Adelaide F. Stone at Jasper, NY, November 1, 1859. They had two children: Susan Uranis born Jan 19, 1868 and Henry Harlan born March 17, 1869. He resided at Jasper at the time of his death at age 70 on June 16, 1905.

His father was Alfred Hadley and his mother's name was Susannah.

According to his wife's testimony he contracted scurvy and diarrhoea while in prison and at he release had lost all his teeth but five and had scurvy sores as big as a half dollar on his body. When he was brought home, about the December 25, 1864, he was a living skeleton weighing about 90 pounds.

A deposition of Jemison B. Hadley, Co. K, 107th Regt. N.Y. Volunteers states:

I have always known William Hadley from childhood. He was a strong ruged man prior to the War of the Rebelion I next saw him there and after as a poor emaciated Wreck in Both Body and mind I have seen Him Sometimes often but always the Same Wreck and mind I have Seen Him Sometimes ofter but always the Same Wreck and I have never Had the least Waver of a Doubt but His Mind Boddy and Death was Either Caused by Duty in His REgment or His long Confinement in Andersonville or Florence or Both. He complained of Diorea when I Saw Him in Florence, S.C. If I Could See you and State the facts by word of mouth I Could I know convience you Her Claim is Just - But - I Cannot do teh cause Justice on Paper.

Depositions were also given by Wesley Langs of Co. F, 6th NY Cavalry who was paroled at Charleston, S.C. Dec. 6, 1864 and Richard Quick of 2nd Pa Cavalry.

The following 14 letters cover the period from September 21, 1863 to October 5, 1864. Eleven of the letters were written to Charles B. Hadley his brother, one to his father A. Hadley, and two to Add Hadley who was his wife.

The following letters are transcribed using the original spelling. Punctuation and paragraph breaks have been added for this web page for readability purposes.

Elmira Barrecks No. 3
September 21st 1863

Dear Brother

as I had time to write this morning I thought that I would write you A few line to let you know whare I was and what I am duwing. I wreach hear tuesday about 5 oclock and then I gat my close. I gat 1 pare of pants 2 shirts 2 of Draws 2 of Socks 1 of Shoes 1 coat 1 cap 1 blanket. we will Draw one overcoat 1 ruber blanket an A dress Suit. all thuout are living is pretty good.

for breakfast we have potatoes and meat bread and butter and meat and coffee. for dinner it is bread and meat and baked beans and butter and cold watter. for Super it is bread and milk and mush and milk. James Peechy and Sanders and I are waters and waters are Detaled for the time that we are hear.

I have A pass down town once. that is all that has had one that come here. when I did I want you to write to me and Send Some wafers for the envelops that we get here. they dont Seal.

Male it to Barrics No 3 Elmira and if I anit hear it will bee Sent back to you. the corprel will do it. must Stop for Dinner

W W Hadley

Charles Hardy bunks with me tell his folks that he is well if you see them there was A women shot in Bareck No. 1 Saturday. dont let anyone See this. the first lieutenant was berrid Thursday. they berrid him in military Stile. we Shal draw our pay this week if nothing hapends

Wreckers Island
September 30 (1863)

Dear Brother

I take this time to write to you to let you know that I am well at preseant. we expect that we Shall leve here to day for Elixeandry and from their the army of the Patomach to face old Lees army. we Shall take bote at 4 this after noon. their is five of us that tents togeather Charles Hardy and Sturet, Smally from Dewite Sanderson from Pratsberg. all of the boys from three town they are all real cleaver fellows. we are in compeny I 76 NY.

their is lots of robin goin on hear. their was one man had his pocket all cut to pices last night. their was to come to our tent on the Side whare I Slept and cut the rope off and began to reach under and I ris up and saw him at work. I then woke up Smalley and he rose up and Saw him we Sat still and saw him work we then gat our knife out and tride to to Stab him and he left. the order is to mark the men that is round after haf past nine he then went to the next tent and cut one rope their. when one of our company Struck him over the head with his boot and then he runover on the other Street and tride it again he was Served the Same as before and one of the men took after him and he run the gard. the gard tride to stop him but couldent.

I like here first rate. it is healthy here. there is one Sick and he was wehen he came here. it is salt watter all around. 20.00 dollars to you by Express it to Adison NY if their aint any one goin down there you can write an order to the Express company and Send it down by Little and he will get it. the order must bee wrote and Signed by Same hand or you cant get it. I will Send the receit as Soon as I can. their aint any postofice here only to Send when their is Some one goin. I will Send you five dollars confederit money So that you can See what they use down in Dixey. I didnt pay the frate on that money and when you get it you can pay it out of the money and keep it or let it out

I must Stop and start good By

W W Hadley

Camp near heymarket
Oct 28th, 1863

Dear brother Charles

the last time that I wrote to you we was near the wrapadan river. we started from their where we was camped on Sunday to weeks ago last Sunday and marched within 4 mile of the rebels and camped about noon and the Sargent and I went out and Saw the rebels pickets. we Staid their till dark and then we were orderd to Strike our tents without any nois and then we Started and marched till midnight and then we camped in an open field and Staid till noon the next day and then we Started towards bullsrun and marched about amile when the rebs fired on our rite in the the Valey about amile off in plain Sight of where we was.

the Cavelry Charged on them and Drove them back. they fought all of that we planted A bater on the hill and drew out A brigade to Serport it and we march on all that day and part of that night. the next morning we Start before light and marched all that day and part of that night and the next day we reached Centrerville about noon. they fought in the rear and on the rigth all of the time and the day after we gat they fought right in Sidght of where we was.

our brigade was kept in reseve Studay it was all quiet Sunday we was orderd to Strike tents but it was countermanded and we wated till yesterday when we Started for where we are now. it is ten miles here. we reached here about noon and camped by the woods and gat our beaf kild when the rebels drove in our pickets and we fell in line and marched in the woods and was orderd to load on double quick and drew up in line of battle and the baterise opend on them and fired on them biskly. we was orderd to lay down and laid their 2 ours. to of our companis was drew out for Skermishers and they Skermished all of the time as most the rebs charged on our right.

all of the Screams that was ever herd could bee herd then. they had us on A little nole and the rebs had to cross A little hollow. they told us to lay close. we was then relieved and fell back to where we are now. it is after noon now and it is all still at preasant. their is lots of Cavelry and artilery gon out in front this morning but have not herd from them.

we have gat prety good regement first rate oficers. I went last week and visited the 86 regement. Saw Gilbert and Denice, Charles Wood. Could of Seen the rest if I had of had time. I Cant write hardley in my lap on my Canteen. dont alow us to leave our arms only A few minnets at A time.

I sent 20.00 dollars to you by Express have you gat it or not I want you Should pay William Stephens 1.00 dollar and Some cents Somewhere nere 30 cents and Stearns 3.00 dollars and keep the rest of the 2.00 dollars. Ad Said that She wanted Some Salt. let her have anough toget that. the money that you gat for the Stears and cattle. dont use that let it out till I can get it if I want it. if Ad wants any thing let her hav the money to get it. we Shall draw pay the 15 of next month if nothing happens. send me Some stamps.

who thrashed the grane pay him to and pay for cuting the wood to if the 80.00 dollars will pay it. if it dont let them wate till I Send Some more. I want you Should let the place out if you can to Some one that will work it prety good. I wouldent let out the grass till Spring for if I get home I can cut it my Self. did Dave Shiver pay his 300.00 hundred? did Judson Sargent pay his to? did mother get that likeness that I Sent her from Adison?

we will proberly go into winter quarters as Soon as this is decided. is George hardey to work at fryes yet? if he is tell him that Charley is well. I gat a letter from home Sunday. the male Came to day but I did not get any. we have ben on the march all of the time since we gat to the regement amost.

George Lason is in this regement write where uncle Crosbis folks are. all of them that is in the army. write where to direct for I may run acrost them. their was one in our regement wounded last night in the rist. their is two boys in this regement that their mothers name was Hadley. they think that their grandfather and my grandfather was cousins. they look like the doctors boys. they are midlain tawl & tell Olives folks that I would write to them if I had time. tell them Some that I have rote what you are amind to but dont let my folks know where we are laing.

it is pleasant weather here. I havent seen but 4 or 5 decent houses Since I gat in to Virginia and not any fense hardley not as much as their is on one good farm it is burnt and tore down.

cant Stop to write any more now direct to W.W. Hadley Company K 76 regement Newyork Volenteers Washington DC I Sent them Shoes home and you can have them if you want them good by give my love to all and keep ashare for yourself

W W Hadley

November 17th 1863
Rappahanock Station

Father as I had afew minets I thought that I would write afew lines. I am well as common. I had the collick last night about one and have gat over it onley I am prety Sore to day. will get over it in aday or two. they have kept us on the march So I havent had time to write.

in the time of that battle our corps was kept in reseve and that kept us on the march all of the time for three or 4 days. the hardest kind as we had to march from rite to left and back and then to the center to Suport a batery but it hapend that we dident get in the fight. they retreted all of the time. I lost the first pen that I rote with and this is So limber that I cant harley rite. we drew ruber blanket this morning and Shall draw an overcoat to.

I expect the Cornll name is Cook and the mager name youngs we are agoin to draw a coat to day. I am in Sergent Calvin Shays. the Lieutenant name is Thomas Welden. the Captain was kild in the battle of gatesberg and they haint ben any one Sworn in yet nor I dont know who it will bee.

you rote that C A Lamphire wants to take my place and if he does you can let him have it. have him bee careful of the Aple treas and if their is any grasseed have him seed it. what do they think about the ware around is it agon to Cloths or dont they know. I drew 49.60 in greenbacks. I Shall Send 30.00 home in afew days as soon as the Express man comes along. the kernold is agoin to do it for us you can pay it on the land. let Ad have 4.00 or five dollars when you get it. we will draw in 2 munths again.

Charles Hardy is well. C B Hadley told Ad that he Shouldent write till I rote to him he never has rote any only what he in Libs letter. it is noon and I must Stop and get diner good by for this time and dont for get to write. I have gat all of the leters that has ben rote I guess. write often if I dont for we cant allways rite when we want tiew

to Mr. A. Hadley from W. W. Hadley

Camp near Rapahanak Station
November 18th 1863

Dear Brother Charles

Ad rote that you Said that you wouldent write to me till I rote to you. you havent rote letter but one that I have gat and that is the one that was in with Libs. I rote one to Ole but haint had any answer yet. tell them to write whether I do or not for they have their own time to write in and I donít. if I comence I may bee cald out to march or something else before I can rite 3 lines. I feel well at preasant and hope that this will find you the Same.

we are garding the ralee road that runs from Elixandry to Coalpeper. they took 160 hundred prisners here when they crost the river and 400 hundred at kellis ford. they dident Seem to fight So they Said. that was in the fight our Skermish line took the 1600 hundred they was raged and dirty. we have laid here 2 weeks next Saturday night. I drew an oil Cloth blanket and asheet this week.

what does the folks think about the wars closind? do they think that it will close by Spring? they all drew here oficers and all. our army is foloing auld lee rite. thos came from front Sais that he is acrost the rapadan and amost all of our men they think that he will go to Richmond. our men has gat the hights at Fredericberg. that is the report here and they all Seem to believe it.

I wish that you would Send me apaper once in the while. Send one rite off So I can tell how lection went. when they write to me it is all at home and that is good but the paper once in awhile would help to pass the time away. write often as you can.

I hav Seen the boys of the 86 last week. Charles Hardy is well and contented it is more like home to have him here for we get togeather talk of home and things at home. all that I buye here is once in the while I buy alittle butter. we dont draw any. we have enough to eat when we ar in camp. we draw Soft bread and rice and molasis. must Stop now write often So good by for this time

W W Hadley

November 24th 1863
Camp near Rapahanac Station

Brother Charles as I had alittle time I thought that I would write to you.

we was orderd last night to bee up at 4 oclock and pack all but Striking tents breakfast eat and ready to march at daylight. at daylight we was all ready to march and all but Striking tents and we was orderd to fall in and Stack arms and then the order come to Strike tents and in les than 4 minets we had the tents down and before we gat them folded their was orders to put up tents again. So we are here yet and dont know how long we will Stay here. the oficers think that we will Stay here .the oficers think that we will go to Avry Creke that is nere Fredericberg.

there is aman to bee Shot in this regement on the 27 of this month. I expect that we will have to See him Shot and dont know but we will have to do it. if we do I dont want to Shoot him. This would be Pvt. Winslow Allen. An account of his execution is available.

I expressed 50.00 dollars this morning and 20.00 of it is Charles Hardis. it is in an envelop and 30.00 of mine is in the out Side envelop one 20.00 and one 10.00. that of Hardis is to bee left with Metcalf and Charley will rite to his folks about it. he will pay half of the express Charges. we thought that we could Send it togeather it wouldent cost any more to Send the whole than it would to Send half of it and Little wouldent charge only half as much and you can open it and leave it at the post ofice or Send it to Adren Hardy. mine I want that you Should pay 27 dollars on the land. So to pay the largest payment and if you haint Sold the Hiefer and want youre pay you can take it. if you have Sold the Hiefer take the money for youre pay and fathers to as far as it will go and if you aint in any hury for the rest more than what the hiefer come to I want to pay the first payment this time. if you dont want it I want that you Should let Ad have 3.00 dollars. if andrew cuts the wood tell when he gets it cut then I will pay him if he wants any grane and their is more than they will use let him have it. if he wants Some potatoes let him have them if their is more thant they will want to eat and plant. if he dont he will have to wate till the 10 of January for it probels he wont get it cut by that time becase this must go on the land. if you dont want it write as Soon as you get the money it will bee to adison by the time that you get this I am well and tough and can eat all before me hope this will find you the Same. wriet often.

So good by for this time. I gat a letter from Henry last night. he is with in 4 miles of Washinton. they haint gat any pay yet this to Charles

this from W.W. Hadley

December 31, 1863
Camp near Colpeper

Dear Brother

as I had alittle time I thought that I would write A few lines to you. I am well and hope that these few lines will find you all the Same.

we have moved about 6 or 8 miles. their was Some auld men enlisted So the place where we are was left So weak that we came for suport. the Jonis are within 8 miles of us. their pickets and ours are within a very short distance. I am going out on picket to day to bee gone from camp 3 days. their is cavelry pickets out amile ahead of ours.

it has ben warm and real peleasant here their haint ben any Snow yet. there has ben none real rein Storm and it ranes alittle. to day we have gat up A log house and gat it coverd. their is 4 in on hut we haint gat it mudded all of it yet. have gat A chimney built and bunks built one above the other. we are Mustered in for pay to day. Shall get it in between this and the 15 of January next. have you and father gat all of youre pay that money that you lent me and that he pade to both? write and let me know. I want that you Should let Ad have money anough to pay the freight on the things and I will Send it to yu the first of next month. Send if you have paid it out. let her have Some and then you can take it out of the next that I Send.

their is Some wounded Jonis here with their legs off. Ad wrote that andrew Said that it would take 10 bushel of oats to Sow. did he mean for my part or in the whole? She Said that She had Saved abarel of peas and I want them all Sowd anyhow pleas. cant write any more now So good by for this time. write often. have they drafted in that town? good by for this time

W W Hadley

(Continuation of same letter)

January 1, 1864

I haint had time to make it So I thought that I would write A few lines more I am on picket yet and Shall bee till to morow then we Shall bee relieved and go to camp. I went and took Breadfast with A citesen had A first rate one to and they let me hav Som mild and ho cake to take to camp. he and 6 others have taken the oath of alegiance. it rained all day yesterday and all night but it is pleasant to day. I want that you Should get Ad tea and what She wants and take the pay out of the money when I Send it home or when you Sell the potatoes. Sell them when you think that they will fetch the most. must Stop for it is So good buy for this time write often

W W Hadley

January 20, 1864
Camp near Colepeper

Dear Brother

as I had A little time I thought that I would write. I would of wrote before if I had of had time.

I have ben on picket this week. they atactacted on the picket line and they drew out 100 hundred and Sent us out for 3 days and I was one of that lucky ones. it turned out all write in the end. there was Some firing but it dident amount to any thing. they took a gerillia. broke 1 rebs legs. I Stood 6 ours rite in an open field but didnt have any chance to Shoot. we had achance at Mine rune. we laid in line of battle 3 days and 3 nights and marched towards the brests works and then we would counter march and the artilery playing on the breasts works. there was one that was hit with apiece of A Shell he was with in 1 or 2 rods of where I laid. we was all laying tight to the ground.

I was on picket 3 days and nights. they fired all of the time. the nearist that I come to getting hit that I know of was about it Struck in the ground about 2 feet fo where I laid. it mist another one that was rite by.

I am well and hope that these few lines will find you the Same. I gat the letters that you and father wrote and the whole in 12 days after it was Sent. Charles Hardy was here yesterday he is at Coalpeper as guard. he has gat afirst rate place it is easy and I am glad of it. he has had abox from home he fetch me up Some of it and Some buck wheat flour and Some Saleratutus and we bake pancakes once in the while. write often. write who enlisted in the town.

the talk is that we are gaoin to gordensvill. auld Lee is their. the talk is that he is leaving and they are moving the capital away from richmond. we haint received no pay yet. the captain Said that we will get it in afew days in weekes.

we have gat A new Capitin. his name is Edwin Swan. he is afirst rate man he looks out for his men. his Father is capitin in another Compiny. he was wounded at gaters Burg.

cant thing of any thing else to write at this time. I am as fat as ahog weigh the most that I ever did. one of them that tent with me has gat the rheumatism. has had it 2 or 3 weeks. it is in his legs. they are from thurstin Steuben county.

when we left mine run they left us on picket to cover their retreat they left us from 4 in the after noon till 3 at night and then they marched us 5 ours with out halting. the mager Said that he dident expect to See us again. give my respects to all

to C.B.H. from W.W. Hadley

Febuary 11, 1864
Camp near Coalpeper

Dear Brother

it is with pleasure that I Set my Self to write afew lines to you. I am well as comon and hope that these few lines will find you the Same.

we are in the Same auld camp that we was before march. we Started Saturday morning and got back Sunday night about leven aclock at night. it was ahard march. the mud was So deep it was half way to my knees almost all of the way. the night that we Staid their we was Sent out recornortring 13 out of ever company and we went out in front to the river and burnt 15 buildings. they made quite alight in the night. it was dark and muday.

does any more enlist in the town? to make out the last cawl the town wont rase these men as easy as they did the other ones. hope they will draft Some of the boys that is around their So to make them squirm. how did Oliver Whiting feel about it? tell Olivers folks to write to me. how did they think his being drafted? did they Squirm much?

George Lason has Enlisted again. he is coming home in afew days. if nothing hapens I want that you Should Send me Some Stamps as Soon as you can. we haint Drawd any pay in most four munths. cant write any more at this time So good buy for this time write often. give the other one to ad. Charles Hardy was here to day he is in Company E but he is at Coalpeper on gard

to Charles Hadley from W W Hadley

March 27, 1864
Camp near Coalpeper

Dear Brother

I take my pen in hand to write a few lines to let you know that I am well and hope that these few lines will find you the Same. I got your 2 letters Saturday and Friday was glad to hear from you I expressed 35,00 today to addison to you. the coat that I Sent to Addison I Sent by Jim Deview to Almira and directed it but it gat wet and he couldent tell the name and he left it with his sister. She is goin to express it an I rote to her were to express it. Send 20.00 dollars of that money to hardy and that in the envelop give to Add. the ten dollars father can do as he is amind to with.

tell father to write all the news and you must two gill Akley and Den talbert was here Saturday. I dident Send but 15.00 dollars this time I thought that I had better keep more this time have you ever gat that money that you lent me the time that I went to Almira write and let me know all about it.

I came off from picket Saturday. I bought apare of boots and paid 7.00 dollars for them they was made north and Sent two one in the company but they dident fitt So I bought them of him. Charles Hardy was here to day. Wadsworth comands the division that we are in. Charley Wood is wounded. he is in the 86 the time of the Batttle at Mine rune last fawl. we are goin to bee examind next sunday by Generald Rice I expect.

cant think of much to write this time. does Oliver talk of enlisting? if he does tell him to enlist for Something that he cant learn to dow if he cant get in to the hevy artilery tell him not to enlist in the Cavelry they are always in front. I have Seen them have 2 or 3 fights when we was not in at tall. that revolver cost 27.00 but it dident cost me that. it was gat over towards Slawter mountain. Cant think of any think to write now So good by for the time. write often and tell the rest to write.

to C B Hadley from W. W. Hadley

Camp near Coalpeper
April 16th 1864

Dear Brother

it is with pleasure that I Seat my Self to write to you to let you know that I am well and hope that these few lines will find you the Same.

the regement haint lost but 2 Since I came to it. one dide Since we came here and we lost 1 at the retrete last fall. there has ben 4 or 5 Shot threw the hand and feet and legs one was Shot threw the left brest was not mortal. there was 3 shot on picket the first of this month I was on picket the Same time. there was nothing that I ever was afraid of but once the I was on Skermish. dident Care after one or 2 Shots. I was there 3 days and 3 nights and we dident have any thing to eat but fresh beef and corn. the mager youngs was there and Luite Thom Weldin they ate the Same. that was ahard time but dident Care for that. our Company and Comp E was detaled as Skermishers. we dident Dare to Stand up. it was that Cold that 7 frose to death.

you wanted one of them revolvers if I can get one I will Send it if I can and if I dont get achance will fetch it when I come. I Sent ad A potagraph one of generald Grand Generald Meed. I was to brandy Station last Sunday back Monday night there was 9 Joneys to Division head quarters. they run away the night before. I saw all of the boys in the 86. George Lason has gat back to the regement. what regement has Emery enlisted in? have they enlisted in the number that is cald for? have they enroled the men in that town and have they ennrold them that paid their 300.00 hundred dollars?

I have rote 5 letter to day. there is one that tents with us that cant rite or read aword of riting and we have to write for him and for one in Company H that takes all of the time that we get. Cant think of any news to write So I will Close by biding you good by for this time. write often. give my love to all and keep ashare for your Self

to Charles B Hadley from W.W. Hadley

(Continuation of same letter)

April 16, 1864 Virginna

Father I write a few lines to you. I am wel and hope that these few lines will find you the Same. I went and Saw C. Hardy to day. he is well. you hadent better Send it till next month and I will Send you 15.00 or 20.00 dollars and you can Send it all at wonce or you can send it when you are amind to. we dont get any more bounty till we get discharded. the hey that is in Prents Barn dont know how much it will wey you can tell it was put on the rite hand as you go in it was all put to gether and here is with it wranes like every thing it has ben real pleasant this winter till now. I gat that paper. the 4 or 6 days I haint had any thing Stole. the box was all rite if you Saw the orcerd down Saw it down saw it thick and Saw the plaster on all it needs. Cant think of any news to write So I will Close

from W W Hadley to A Hadley Write often as you Can

May 14, 1864

Dear Ad

it is with pleasure that I Seat my Self to write a few lines to let you know where I am and I am A prisoner of ware and am I well and Spared to write. hope you are all well. Send word to Lasons wife that he is there and will tell all of my folks dont write and let Harday know where I am direct

to C O Hardy Co E 76 regement from W. W. Hadley

Tell Charly to get all of the letters Po to the Comisioner of exchange if there is any thing that you dont want to send Scratch it out and send the rest Tell Charly Hardy to go to my Company and get my letters and keep them for me

Ad from W. W. Hadley

Florence South Carlina
September 20th 1864

Dear brother

I Seat my Self to let you to know that I am well and hope these few lines will find you enjoin the Same degree of health. I have ben a prisoner Since the 6 of May. have Stood it first rate Considering Every thing. how does my folks get along? are they all well? tell all of my friends not to wory about me. I Shall come out all rite yet. Lason is here and Eaves and are all wel. write to me alittle and direct to Florence South Carlina Prisners Camp Detatchment No. 6 write if my folks gat that letter that I rote at Danvill. Ellise that lived in the E. Wilson house is dead. Cant write any more now

So good by from your Brother William W Hadley

Send word to Lasons wife he is here and well

Note: "Lason" is Cpl. George W. Lason.

October 5, 1864

Dear friends an Add.

Had I Seat my Self to let you know that I am well as well as comon and hope these few lines will find you the Same degree of health.

I want you to Send me Some things in A boxe. if you will Send 1 shirt 1 of Socks 1 of draws and my auld wool Hat abottle of that liniment one boxe of Heris pills. Send me 25 pound of Buckwheat flour 1 pound of Saleratus 1 of tea and Send me Some Chease and A four pale full of butter 8 or 10 pounds of what you can Spare and Send Some black thread and alot of meat that is real Salt and Some Salt Soucage and what youre aree amintiew that I can eat that wont rot A coming. make Some cake that will keep and Send it. Send about apound of Shugar mapel but if you can get it and when I get my pay then I will Send the pay if I ever live to get out. if I dont you will get it any way. get youre Father to help you to get it. Send word to Lasons folks that he is here and well. tell James Eaves is folks that he is here and well. 1 pound of pepers tell Miss eaves to put in with you for Jim and remember the saw. Send dride fruit to me direct to Florenc South Carlina By the way of Hilton head Flag of truce boat VI detachment I mess Care of Col. Harison comander William Wallace Hadley 76. Put it on Plane. tel mis Lason to Send Jim Some butter in mine if you See them. Send these things rite off and if thee is any that you haint got dont wate to get it only the medison

W W Hadley

These letters were transcribed by B. Conrad Bush, 1940 Reading Road, West Falls, NY, 14170; e-mail Bushresear@aol.com; from original letters found in the archives of the Wyoming County Historian, Warsaw, NY.

Paul Hadley, Jr. Vice Commander, Shiloh Camp No. 2, Department of Nebraska, SUV, writes, 

"My family's direct lineage is through England's George Hadley of Ipswich, Mass. in the mid-1600s, but descendants of Ireland's Simon Hadley are related way, way back in time, in case anyone asks you. It would be fun to talk with other Hadleys from around the country."

He can be contacted at: paul.hadley@bryanlgh.org

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