FOLLETT, WARREN WHEELER.-Age, 19 years. Enlisted, October 10, 1861, at Pitcher, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. B, October 14, 1861; died in 1862. 

Pitcher town records give his occupation as "Farmer". 

Ft. Mass. Washington
Wednesday April 16th, 1862

Dear Cousin John

I received your letter last Monday and was happy to hear from you. We are generally well, there is but one on the hospital that is sick in our company, that one, never will leave the hospital. I think it is Lucian Chandler. There is but little sickness in camp. 

I believe you wanted that I should write the particulars about Eldridge Burnham being shot. You write as if you thought that he died from the wound. As it is I will write the particulars. It was sometime in March, I don't know when but it was Sunday night just before dark. Amos Minor and Nathan Ruddock were loading their revolvers when Eldridge came in from a guard. Just as they had got them loaded, he went right before Amos just as he was putting the last cap was on he went to let the hammer down and the hammer slipped from his hand and it went off. The ball struck Eldridge before the hip on the backside it went in then went into the bone about an inch. This sent him into the hospital and he had the inflammation on the lung and they both working together killed him. I don't think the ball was what that did it. 

The talk is that we are going to Manassas in a day or two. That is the talk this morn. It came from captain O.C. Fox. think it is so. Shure has been lots of stories in camp but they did not come as straight as that sure has been. 

Several of our company discharged. I will write a few of their names. David Elsworth, Mr. Crumb, Horatio Harrison Marble. Sure is others that have gone home on furlough. I have got well enough to do duty again. Palmer has got what I call the shingles but not very bad. I think if we go there, I should not go in the ranks until I have to. Doctor Nelson has been very sick. He went to Mount Vernon a day or two ago. Whether he has got back or not, I do not know. I cannot think of anything more, so I will close.

Direct as before
Write soon
From your __ cousin

Warren Follett died of "inflammation of the lungs" on April 19, 1862 and is buried in Fairfax, Va. This letter was written only three days before his death. 

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