Sergeant Oren Ellis - 76 NYSV

Oren Ellis, age 22, a farmer, enlisted September 24, 1861, at Harford, NY to serve three years. He mustered in as sergeant, Co F, 76th NY Volunteer Infantry, on October 4, 1861. Ellis died of typhoid fever, March 24, 1862, at Meridian Hill Hospital, D.C. while he was at Fort Totten, D C. doing guard duty. Oren's body was sent home to Dryden, NY.

Sarah and Oren Ellis were the parents of the following children: Oren; Albert W., born Jan 9, 1848; Victoria F, born Nov 12, 1849; James H., born June 14; Edwin F., born March 18, 1855; Nancy A., May 3, 1858. They lived in the town of Dryden, NY during the 1860s and Oren worked a farm.

Meridian hill
Campt plasant
th 9, 1862 (Feb)

Dear Father,

I now seated on my knapsack to write you a few lines to let you no how I am I am in good helth and hope that theas few lines will find you all the same

I received your last letter and was happy to here that you had got that money I was fearfull that it wold not come through that

Sence I wrote you the last letter we have moved up on Mariden Hill we are incampt out of doors in tents made of cloath we pitch our tents made of cloath we pitch our tent on the snow the snow was about two inches thick on the ground it Snows some the night before we moved it was some dampt fore or five nights I expected to catch a heavy cold I caught some cold but not much

the day that we come up here I bought me a new ruber over coat a big one to it is big enough for to men I give fore dollars for it I also bought a stove which I give twenty shillings for it

I tent with Lon wageonerg and George Peters we three campt too gather we drew our ration of everything pork bred sugar rice coffee and peas we never lived better sence we campt we are giting so we can cook our meals good to we can ----- ---- and it agrees with our tast very much I have no falt to find now the weather is some cold it freese some every night

The boys that was here when we come seays that the winter has get comense they say it wont hold onley about fore a five weake and it ent very cold now about the same as march and I April it is very muddy here now

Yesterday Jacob Roboson come up to campt he was supprised to see our dryden boys he is a teamester here at washington he was drawing lumber up here with his six mules with one line some of the dryden boys see him and they spoked to him and he dident no then and halowed back all mity if here ant Brit maston he was tickele to see them he dont look like the same fellow he is black as a niger and poor as a crow

Maston I told you before was transferred to a artillery company he steed there till last monday he herd that we had come and he run away and came back agan he satisfied this time

the gurd has jest put Charley Hyde in the garde house for sace to a Officer he is one of our company

wood is scarce here it is worth ten dollar a cord as I sead before wood and water is scarse here I have started out to go after wood and water took our canteens on my neck and the first rail I can get my hands on is mine probley you ave seen the engin carying wood on there back I begin to think that I am a engeon

we expect to git a new uniform soon I have got my sword it is a nice one to our next uniform is long suit cots and darks pants tell sarah when I git my new clouths I will try to git my likeness I will write a little to the children you must tell me how I war fares with you and tell how every thing is giting along have all the children write to

I cant think of eny thing more to wait at preasant you must write soon from

your son Oren E. Ellis Washington D.C. 76 Regt, C. F

Picture drawn of a Oren Ellis dove with words Fore the union

March 2 1862
Fort Totten

Dear Parents Brothers and Sisters,

to day I am seated on my bed to write you a few lines I am well and hope theas few lines will find you all the same I received your last letter and was happy to here from you all

we have moved to this fort it is about three miles from washington it contain of eleven guns and about twenty rods oft three more guns & company gard theas are E.F.G. Col. Green is commender of theas forts some five or six in all

last thursday Tom Mack & W Dewight and Milo Goodwich was here to camp the dryden boys was glad to see them they had no news to tell

Friday last we drawed our new uniform long frock coats and blue pants I tell you they are splended suits the coats are blue brod cloath Tel Sarah as qick I can git my suit trim and cen git away to washington I will have my likeness for her I shel have it taken standing up with my Sword and belt on Miron is gont to have his taken also

Den is in good helth now and hapy the weather has bin some cold and dampt I herd some of the boys tel that the dust flew so that they cold not hardley see a rod oft to day it snowed some it acted like the first of may robben red blest has come for I herd him sing this morning and all other birds has come also we have lots of wood now wood has ben scarse with the boys

of the time friday last we since the pay roll probly in a few days we will have our pay dock Mead talked of coming home if he does I will sende my money with him our next wedgeses that is sargents is $34 I think I can cend home $30 I have ordors out and lent money to the amount of #13 and I have more in my pocket $5.00 I think it will stend me my money that I send home to you

I shold like to no what you done with it if you have eny ocaition to youse eny of it use it for when I am done with it it is yours I shold like to no also wether you are a gont to stay where you are or not and how you come out with the last years rent I shold like to hear

I am sorry that hieffer dyde you must be carefull about Phitchen your horses under sheds and having them out night

I understand Abbot Heavland is mared if he is he had ort to (be) shot Linus writes a good letter Sis writes a first rat letter

I wold writes some to all but it is giting so late I cant this time I want all of the children write when you do The girls wrote about School exibition you all try to learn Jimy and Edy to I hope you all will improve your self will improve you sleves

I cant write eny more this time I cend all my love and best wisheshs and so goodby to Oren Ellis, Oren E. Ellis

Mr Oren E. Ellis Washington, D.C. 76 Regt Co. F

These letters were transcribed by B. Conrad Bush, 1940 Reading Road, West Falls, NY, 14170; e-mail; from original letters found at the National Archive, Washington, DC.

Spelling, punctuation and capitalization are retained as in the originals - paragraph breaks added for easier reading.

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