Letters of Private Chauncey Dodge

Chauncey B. Dodge, age 18, enlisted at Triangle, near Whitney Point, Broome County, NY, to serve three years, and mustered in as private, Co. E, 76th NY Volunteer Infantry, July 17, 1863; wounded and captured in action, May 5, 1864, at the Wilderness, Va.; transferred to Co. D, One Hundred Forty- seventh NY Infantry, January 28, 1865; died at Andersonville, Ga. Sept 20, 1864 from Chronic Diarrhea.

Phebe and Aaron Dodge, married June 24, 1829 at Coventry, NY, are the parents of Chauncey. The children who were living 1864 were G.A, Mary E, and Martha.

Rapahanock Station
November 16 /63

Dear Mother

I received Jims letter dated the 8 last week i havent…

------------cant read one line ----------

…get it. if you havent sent the gloves you may keep them till you send the box. be shure and send me some jams of all kind and some dried aples. I want Pa to get me a Pair of boots made to order double soles and taped with good leather. be shure and send some butter and a little cheese send some frid cake and some ginger bread and two good Jack knives and some ink and pens. send me a loaf of bread cake dont send to much cheas. send a little two guart pail full of butter. the pail I want two cook in. send me the boyld eggs and a few dried curants and such other things as you are a mind to.

we was Payed off Saturday. I got $45 and will send $40 home for Pa to your. this fall I recd to get my picture taken but could not.

tell mother that she must not wory abut me I will sty and take good care of my self. when I came to rackers island they took off my vest and kept it. now I have got to the regiment they tell ma that they had no right to do it. enclosed I will send $10. there is no chance to express money now so I will send $10 in each letter till you get the $40. I havent been sick since I have ben here.

John French the one that come for the black smith son is dead. he droped down dead on the march. he had been crasy for a short time before. rite soon and tell all the news.

in haste Chauncy Co E 76th NYV

This letter was transcribed by B. Conrad Bush, 1940 Reading Road, West Falls, NY, 14170; e-mail Bushresear@aol.com; from original letters found at the National Archive, Washington, DC.

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