Private Thomas Henry Coldwell

Enlisted, age, 38 years. Enlisted at Buffalo, to serve three years, and mustered in as private, Co. B, August 7, 1863; captured in action, May 5, 1864, at the Wilderness, Va.; died, September 25, 1864, at Charleston, S. C., a prisoner of war; also borne as Caldwell. Died 25 Sep `64 of Dysentery. Originally buried at the Charleston Race Course Cemetery and later reinterred at the Beaufort National Cemetery.

The following letter was received by J.M.C. Horsfall, of Walmley, Sutton Coldfield, England

December 9, 2001

Dear Mike Brown:

Thomas Henry Coldwell was my Great Grandfather, the eldest son of Robert Coldwell, born at Wakefield 27 July 1825. He married Elizabeth Holt on 25 March 1853, by whom he had a daughter Elizabeth, 27 March 1854, and my grandfather, Henry Herbert, on 13 August 1856. 

He was the manager of a worsted yarn company in Wakefield [Yorkshire] - Robert Coldwell and sons - it got into trouble for unknown reasons and circa 1861 he joined his two younger brothers who were farmers in Ontario. He was mustered into the 76th at Buffalo on 7 August 1863, on the muster roll at Elmira (presumably their depot) 28 August 1863 and on B Company returns of September and October. 

Presumably, he was at the action of Mine Run on August 28, 1863, when he was docked for the loss of his kit - not the only one!

Captured at Wilderness along with most of B and F Companies in their flank action. 

His name, incidentally, is not in the index of 76th Regiment listing Casualties. Perhaps this was restricted to the veterans, as it is obviously not comprehensive. His name was erroneously repeated in the 1901 Adjutant General's Report as Cauldwell, F., also Cauldwell, Thomas H - this seems to have come about in the transfer of records from the 76th on their service expiring to the 147th NY, and this error occurs on the Beaufort National Cemetery Memorial to where he was metnioned from the Potters Field. 

He seems to be the only one of the 76th to be reinterred at Beaufort - a lot of the 76th died there according to the Regimental History. 

Yours Sincerely, 
James Michael Coldwell Horsefall

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