SON of Harley and Lavinia S. Carrier, was born in Hamilton, Madison County,N. Y., in 1829. He received a common school education, and is a harness maker. He enlisted in the State militia in 1847, and arose to the position of Major, which commission he resigned in 1866.

In the summer of 1861, Major-General S. S. Burnside, commanding a Division of militia, tendered his Division for active service, on ten days' notice. Colonel J. B. Wheeler, commanding the Forty-third Regiment, tendered the subject of this sketch an Adjutant's commission. This was accepted. But waiting until November with no prospect of the Regiment seeing active service, Lieutenant Carrier, with M. B. Cleaveland, a Methodist minister, attempted to raise a company for the Thirty-ninth Regiment, then recruiting in Cherry Valley. They had enlisted but about thirty men, when they were ordered to join the Regiment, as it had been ordered to Albany.

At the consolidation at Albany, Carrier was made First Sergeant of Company H. He was mustered into service January first, 1862. He was promoted to Second Lieutenant in his company, February first, 1862.

He remained with his company through all its experiences from Albany to Fredericksburg, and thence to Culpepper, and through the disheartening' disasters of Pope's retreat, participating in the battles of Rappahannock Station, Warrenton Springs, Gainesville and Bull Run. In the latter battle, after retreating and advancing twice, and while on the third retreat, he received a gunshot wound in the left hip, from which the ball has never yet been extracted. He was taken to Washington and Baltimore, where he was examined by the medical board, and discharged January thirtieth, 1864.

He resides at Sherburne, Chenango County, New York.

- From the Regimental History of the 76th New York, A. P. Smith, 1867

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