Letters of Private Daniel Bradley 

Norah married Michael Bradley in Ireland in July 1846 and lived there until 1851, when he came to America. His wife came in 1852. Norah died and Michael remarried Ann. Their family consisted of Margaret, born 1843, Daniel, born 1845; Michael, born Sept 22, 1847; Nora, born Jan 1, 1849; and Mary A, born June 28, 1851. All lived in Skaneateles, Onondaga County, New York in 1863, with exception of Margaret who had returned to Ireland and Daniel who was in the service. At time of his death Daniel Bradley was 18, born in Ireland, occupation laborer, height 5 foot 6 inches tall, light complexion; blue eyes; brown hair.

A reader of this site, Kate Robertson, says, "He is buried at St. Mary's in Skaneateles, NY. The family plot of his mom, dad, sisters are in poor shape and his family monument states-killed July l, l863, Gettysburg, PA."

In Camp in the Point on this Side of the River

Jan 22nd 1863

Dear Parents

I now take the opurtunity of Writing you a few lines to let you know that We are on the march again it is very mudy here now we have marched two day Since we left our old Camp Their will be no use of your trying to get more now take that money and do what you please with it because I think this thing is purty Well along and before you Could do any thing about it make the Best use of that that you Can We are about to go across the River I think We Will Cross to day the troops a head of us is a Crossing now I am as Well as usul and am in hopes that this Will find you all the Same here is $1 an 25 cts please give this to Mike and would Send more But after paying up my Debts I dident have as much as I thought I would now Write all the news and Tell me What Dave Said abut paying up the money on that Check I like enough to dident Want to pay you Steve Said the last time we wanted to See you first I will not Write any more at presant Write Soon and oblige your Son

Daniel Bradley

Fort Slocum April 18, 1862

Friend Helan

thinking that you Would like to hear from me I Will now take the oportunity of Writing you a few lines to let you know that I am Well at presant and hope that they Will find you the Same I like Soldiers life as well as espected to I have all I want to eat and drink and that is all I Can get any Where we are at a fort about 4 miles from the Washington City, D.C. their are doing the Work up right every fight and that We have had We have Came out a head every time you get and only hopes of the rest and I think that The War is over With and We Will than go home I think that We Will go home in about one month or Sooner we Will get our pay the first of May and then We Will get four months pay at once I am agoing to Send home about thirty dollars to put on interest and Send Mother five or ten dollars and I Shall Want Some to Keep for My Self of course I Would like to See you first rate I Want you to Write as Soon as you get this and Write me a longer one then This tell my folks the next time you See them that I am Well and Send my respects to them and that they must Write to me Soon and you are a beter Writer that I am and Write long and excuse haste and a bad pen like Wise a poor Writer I dont think of any more at present yours truly

Daniel Bradley

Direct to Washington D.C.
76 Reg. Co. C. Care of Captain Critendon

Fort Slocum May 17 1862

Dear Mother

I Sent the Check in Steve letter I Sent 28 Dollars in Checks you can get the Money of Dave or fix it So you can go to the Bank and get it your Self and be Sure to Send for My Sister you need not Say anything about it the hog in the pen if that is what you are going to do with it it is all right I am Well as usel and you are to you tell dave if he dont Want to give you the money that I am Willin for you to do it I want Write any more this is from your Son

Dan. B

Write Soon.

Dear Father

I received your letter of the 12 and much oblige to you all for it and hope you Will do the Same as Soon as you get this but I for my geting home I Will tell you how I Shall work it you will have to write and tell me that you or Mother is very Sick and dont expect her to live and now to de her business for her and that is the only Way I Can get Home

We are hoping to go down to Richmond Va in a few days but if We do We Want to Stay long bot Some one has got to be here and about here all the time but I understand that their is another Call for more troops and that is true We Shant Stay don their long if I Cant get away another Way i Shall send home 14 Dollars this time and Send for it the 1st pay day and then i Shall have enought to get Away I Will by a few Words more and Close for This time and That is That I hope and trust in god that my Sister Will Come Safe and you do What i told you to do When I Can come home Then and Write again There Will be more next when I write next time

I Will Close by Saying good Write Soon and please
your son

give this other Doltin

In the old Camp near Pratts Point, Va. Jan 28 (1863)

Dear Parents

I Received yours of the 23rd and Was glad to hear from you and the Money I am as Well as usual and Hope that I can Send the Same Words home every time and Recieve as good ones in Between I Wrote in a few days all and told you that you needent do any thing about it But We Was on the march and like enough Did before you Could do anything

We Was oof away from our old Camp four days and Returned on the 23rd it Rained all the time We Was gone the mud Was nee Deep it took four team of Horses to Drag an empty Wagon you Could See a ded Horses or a mule every half mile We had a hard time of it But We have had Some that was harder

I have been Promoted to Corporel Since the 1st of the mounth in your next leter tell me Which house are you going to live in and Who ownes it you must Write all the new and on the War when you Want to do anything about geting me out of it you dont Want to Show your temper if you can make it all Write With the Cornell you can get along Well enough for the Boy that got his Discharge before the Cornell done the most of it.

I remain your Son


Camp Near Pratts Point Vargina April 28th

April 27th 1863

Dear Parents

I Receved your letter of the 13th But your Before I have not Received nor hird once Before in a month I have Wrote to you two or three times the tow last ones I Wrote one I sent One Dollar and my likeness and the other Sent five Dollars i am Well as for getiny a furlow I cant yet a Spell I am going to try but it Will be a good While before I Can get one and Could hardley get home in ten Days about next pay I will try to Last but I am not Sure of going atal Write Soon and Send them Stamps I will Write no more to night good night

they talk of marching to day yesterday We turned in Six days Rattions and last night We drawed them again We have to Cary Provision enought to last eight day and Sixty Rounds of Cartriges and our Cloaths and When We leave hear We are not going to take our Wagons With us and that acounts for Carying So much keep up good Spirits for I have hopes of Returning home once more dont Believe What Some Old Soldier Says after they get home for they Will be apt to tell Some purty Big Stories you need not Save the last money i Sent But use it and do as you please With it

two Regts of our Division Went across the River last Week and Captured a few Prisinors our Menes and Hassus got Back With out being Harmed the Rebles have got a general now that i hope Will Stick By them he Commandes the Whole army his name is general Starvation on the out Side picket lines we hear they are Close enought togather that they Can Talk With each other the Rebles wanted to know if our Rations Wasent a molding they Said if they was they Would do us a favor and We Will help you eat them up our Boys thought that they Could get along with out any help no more at present


(Daniel Bradley)

Camp Near Fredericksburg Va. June 9th 1863

Dear Father

I Recieved your letter of the 24 of last month I would answer it before But I have been unluckey Since Pay Day I lost all my money except a little Change Which I had in my pocket loose the Way I lost it Was I owed the Sutler Some and Went up to pay him put the money in my Pocket Book and turned a around Came Back to my tent we Went on Drill that after noon When it Come night I Coudent find my Pocket Book So I Dident Know But What Some one had found it an Would Return it after he found out Who it belonged to But I have heard nothing of it the Sum was $20. Dollars Larey Rilley was over here last night he is the 122 Regt I am going over there to day.

I have no more to Write
From your Son
Dan Bradley

Camp of the 76th Regt

June 23 63

Dear Mother

I Received your kind letter of the 9th I am Sory to hear that you was not Well But I hope it wont last long I will Send you one Dollar now it is all I have But I Can get along Without for a Spell and When We are paid again you Shall have SOme more tell magy to write to me Write how She likes this Countery I Recieved a letter from John Donahan he is well and So is Sulivin John Says When he goes home he Will get maired as soon as little ann gets of age I am as Well as usual no more at present

Write Soon from your Son D. Bradley

These letters were transcribed by B. Conrad Bush, 1940 Reading Road, West Falls, NY, 14170; e-mail Bushresear@aol.com; from original letters found at the National Archive, Washington, DC.

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