Letters to Lt. Hiram Blodgett

Middleburg, Nov 3rd 1862

Dear Brother,

I received your letter last evening & now hasten to reply to it. I am not well at present & have not been for five weeks but have only had the doctor 4 weeks. I have had a vary hard time of it. My disease is the billious fever but I am a getting along slowly but not so that I sit up yet. I received your other letter but could not answer it as I was sick abed & the girls was not at home. It is very sickly around here there has been many deaths since you left here. A. Wilber & Mrs Pitts these two were both buried at the same time.

As soon as I get able to make the boots I will if the boys are willing to wait if you should see me now you would not think I look much like making boots but as soon as I can I will make them but I cant tell how soon that will be.

We have very unpleasant wether now it is muddy & wet all the time we have had but very little snow as yet. This is all at present.

Yours truly &c.

J. C. Blodgett

P.S. Amelia sends her love & best respect to you.

Envelope addressed to: Lieut. Hiram A. Blodgett, Co. I, 76th Regt. N.Y. S. I., Washington, D.C.
Postmarked Middleburgh, NY Apr.14
Red three cent U.S. stamp

The envelope has a colored picture of the United States Flag waving in the breeze with the following quotation underneath: �If any one attempts to haul down the American Flag, shoot him on the spot.�

Middleburgh, April 13 (1862)

Dear Son,

I received your letter the 29th of March and was much pleased to hear you was enjoying good health. Dominie Wills sent me one of those sermons before I received your letter & now I have two of them & I am as choice of them as a piece of gold. It suited me first rate. The sap just commences to run and I wish you was here to eat some of th3e molasses & sugar we make. It would seem like old times again. In the woods where we carry sap we break in the snow up to our knees. The reason I wanted to know wether they had parties or not was that when Willie Lincoln died then Misses Zelic, the gate keepers wife, said now they could have parties and bring cooks from New York. She thought it was to bad as such hard times as they was now to make such large parties. You have sent me your photograph and I was very glad & now I wish you would send me a photograph of that farmers girl that is such a beauty. I am a going to have the house finished this summer but the papering in your room I will leave for you to do if you ever come back being you get the news in the Schoharie papers I don�t know that there is anything new that I can write. I have got my Dahlias a sprouting & I will plant your flower seed. If you don�t get letters from me often you must not think I forget you for I do not or any of the union men who are fighting for there country any prayers go with them where ever they go.

From your affectionate Mother,

Please answer

Dear Uncle,

Being I was writing Grandmas letter & she could not think of enough to write to fill up the sheet she said I might write a word or two I think you had not better fall to deep in love with that beauty & you know the consequences of a lady & Gent who falls in love with one another sometimes they elope & then if that should be the case it would break that Mary�s heart you told me about last fall. I have read two love stories this morning. The title of one was the rose of glen Valley. I think you had better let that beauty alone or you may get served as it tells of a gentleman in that piece, perhaps you have read the same story & know how the gentleman was punish. When have you heard of your Mary. I do not know what her other name is for you would not tell me. Don�t call to see that other lady too much or the rest may be jealous of having a Lieut. Call to see her for they may despise her because she is so much prettier than they are. You know that is the case with some girls.

If you could win those loving smiles to beam alone for you, you would not crave the brilliant gems that sparkle in the sea.

From your Niece Aurelia

The originals of these letters are in the collection of B. Conrad Bush

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