Biography of David C. Beers

From the book, "Biographies of Cortland County" published in 1897(?), courtesy of Greg Reed.

DAVID C. BEERS, the senior member of the firm of Beers & Warfield, general contractors in building and masonry construction, and dealers in all kinds of mason's supplies and materials, and one of the most prominent citizens of Cortland, is a son of Joseph and Mehitable (Winters) Beers, and was born December 21, 1844.

His father, Joseph Beers, was a native of Orange County, this state, whose education was gained in the common schools of that county, He learned the trade of a mason and worked at it throughout the remainder of his life. He came to Cortland County, and there engaged in farming, at the same time working at his trade. He was a Democrat until after the war, at which time he changed his political affiliations, for the Democratic party no longer, according to his views, represented the politics best suited to the needs of the country, so he joined the Republican forces, as did hundreds of others at the same time. He was married to Mehitable Winters, and a large family of children was given them, as follows: John D., deceased; Mary, deceased, Jonas; Henrietta; Almira; David C.; Charles F.; and Henry J.

David C. Beers was also educated in the public schools in his younger (lays, and helped his father cultivate his farm until eighteen years of age; the Civil War was then looming up in terrific proportions, and he was one of the many to answer the Union's call for help.

He enlisted in Co. A., 76th Reg., N. Y. Vol. Inf. The company recruited in Cortland, and marched to the front, taking part in numerous engagements, Mr. Beers receiving his share of wounds. The first action in which he was engaged was at Cedar Mountain, then followed the battles of Rappahannock Station; Sulpher Springs; Bull's Run; Chancellorsville, where he was wounded; and Gettysburg, where he was again wounded.

This ended his active service in the army, and he turned his thoughts to more peaceful pursuits, learning the trade at which his father had worked so long and successfully, that of a mason. He has followed his trade since, is an extensive contractor and builder and also handles mason's supplies. He has been engaged in that business for the past twenty four years, does a very large business, and is well known throughout the whole county, In 1887 the work became so brisk that it proved to be more than one man could well attend to, and he took as a partner Mr. Elbert J. Warfield, whose sketch appears elsewhere, and they have since contracted and transacted business under the firm name of Beers & Warfield.

Mr. Beers is an industrious, hardworking man, who has put forth every energy to make his work satisfactory in every way, and deserves the high esteem and confidence in which he is regarded. He is a Republican, and has served one term as trustee of Cortland village, but has never been very active in politics, preferring to leave that field to those whose time was not completely taken up with business affairs. He is a member of Grover Post No. 98, G. A. R. of Cortland, and always has a cordial greeting for an old comrade. He is a member of the A. O. U. W. He was united in marriage August 16, 1869, with Helen M. Wadsworth of Cortland, and they are the parents of five children : Carrie, deceased; Gertrude, deceased; Harry E.; Willie; and Lena.

Mr. Beers is a self-made man; having learned self-reliance and. habits of industry in his youth, he was not slow to make the best of every opportunity offered, and has won his way to an enviable position, being now possessed of a comfortable fortune and esteemed for his many excellent traits and his well known rectitude of character.

Mr. Beers died in 1922, and is buried at Cortland Rural Cemetery.

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