Letters of Isaac L. Ball

Isaac L. Ball, age 31, enlisted at Kirkwood, NY, to serve three years, and mustered in as private, Co. D, 76th NY Volunteer Infantry, July 17, 1863; wounded and missing in action, May 5, 1864, at the Wilderness, Va.; died of chronic diarrhoea, November 25, 1864, in General Hospital, Annapolis, Md. and buried November 26, 1864 at Annapolis, Md.

Isaac's brother Charles was a private in Company E, 89th New York Infantry, enlisted October 2, 1861 at Binghamton, NY, to serve three years and was mustered in on October 7, 1861 at Elmira, NY. He was killed in action June 29, 1864. He had re- enlisted as a Veteran at Folly Island, S.C. Dec. 29, 1863.

Isaac's brother Gustavous Ball was in the Construction Corps of the Quartermaster Department service of the United States and died at Nashville, Tenn. January 24, 1865.

Catharine Wagoner and Adam Ball, Isaac's parents, were married January 31, 1835 at Corporation, Albany County, NY by Rev. M. Myers a Presbyterian clergyman. They lived in Colesville, Broome County, New York in 1861.

November the 24 1863

Dear Father

I have it few lesher momets and I thought I chood improove it in riting A few lines to you to let you know that I do Well at present and hope theas few lines Will find you the same

I am yet at the old rapathanic Station But Do not know how long we shall stay hear we had orders to fall in and strike tents this morning and We had hardly got them dowm when the order came to put them up A gain and they air up yet

Well Father I have Sent you Some money By express the litle Sum of Thirty Dolars and I hope you git it as I lost the other Tenn Dolars and have not heard of it yet and I thought I shood Send it By express and if that Did not go I shoold try it nother way next time I will Birng it home my Self and See if I could git home with it you Can pay Linora out of this money

I have got the glooes you Sent me and air very well Sadified with them and have Bin oferd three Dolars for them how much Did you pay for them tell Reubin Sanders that John Coadts is Down heair and A T gurnsey is down hear las Sunday I have ritin to Mary and have not got eny answer yet But I Shall git it yet As foth Mary rote that Bill Duel has Ded or rather she heard he had Bin shot But he is still at lives and on his taps I chant you to right as soon as you git that money

Well Father I must Close for this time this from your Son

Isaac Ball to his Father Adam Ball

Feb 4, 1864

Dear father

I resved you kind leter of the 3rd Was Very glad to hear that you Was Well and the rest of the folks and it bin in the Same to day Father I Will Send you all of the Money I can if it Will due you eny good father I need Some hear for Money com pretty good hear

Father you Say that you Was A goin to take A place this Somer you Must Mak A good bargin for hired help is pretty Scarce there father I have been on picket 5 day the regt went out on A Scout I stod fo one our and 2 our off But I Was glad to git of so for thay had it prey hard time

father Will you pileas Send Me Some stamps for I have Not got some

Mother thay is Not Meny Moment But Not I think of you ever day for We do Not feal very Well thay is No one hear tha Can do Me eny good I Send My Best respect to lily and lusinda and Willam and Gustavous father I doe Not think of eny more to Write to day No More at presant Father you Must excuse My poor Writin from I L Ball to his father Adam Ball and to My Mother Cathern Ball

You Wanted to No wether I got Som stamps I have Not had eny in it bout A Month

Culpepeper March the 9 1864

Dear Father

I resived your kind and Welcom letter of the 6 and Was glad To hear that you Was Well

Well Father I resived Some Stamps A while A go and Som in this Letter and I resived that dollar and it came very good for I got My Boots taps With the Money if I had was them till I got My pay thay Would have ben spilt but know thay are as good as ever

father you Must Write as often as you Can for it is all of the My Comfort

Well Father I Will Send you 10 Dol in this Letter and I will Send Some More in A few day I Dont Want to Send it all to once for fear it Would Not go there Wright

father I am Well at presant and to Night I am on gard it is 10 oclock know and I Must Stop Written So good By Write Soon as you git this

From I L Ball to Mr Adam Ball Binghamton Brome Co. NY

Well to day is the 10 and it raines very hard hear father your letter that I got before this one Satatied that Mother Was Sick and this letter you Never Spoke her Name When you Write to me let me to how (remainder of letter missing)

Culpepeper March the 12 1864

Dear father

I know Set don to inform you that I am Well and hope these few Lines Will find you the Same

Well father I Will Send you 5 dol More in this letter and I Sent you 10 a few days A Go and if you git this Write Son as you can No More at presant

So good by
I L Ball to Mr Adam Ball

Culpepeper the March 13 1864

Dear Father

it is With grate plesure that I know Set don to Write A few Lines Well father I have Sent you 10 Dol in one letter and 5 Dol in A Nother have you resived it

Well father I have had bad luck las knight My knee Sliped out of joint and I am prety lame today Father do you think thay Will hold us More than 9 Monts or Not

No More at presant
So good By
from I L Ball Adam Ball

March the 31 /64 Culpepeper Va

Dear Father

I know set don to Write you A few lines to let you No that I am Well at presant and hope theas few lines Will find you the Same

Well Father it is very dul times hear know Well Father how dos pet git A long you have Not as Much as Mencion hur Name in A good Wile then you Write Agane let Me to how She git A long

Well Father I Will Send you Som money in this letter I Will Send you twenty Dollars this time an if I git hard up you Must Send me som Wen I Write for it Father you Must Send Me plenty of Stamps for I got 6 A Weake Most all of the time

Well Father you Must excuse Me for Not Writing More this time
No More at presant
So good By

Mr Adam Ball Binghamton Broom Co NY I L Ball

These letters were transcribed by B. Conrad Bush, 1940 Reading Road, West Falls, NY, 14170; e-mail Bushresear@aol.com; from original letters found at the National Archive, Washington, DC.

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