Was born in Groton, Tompkins county, N. Y., November second, 1840. He enlisted October fifth, 1861, as a Corporal in Company C.

In July, 1862, while encamped at Fredericksburg, Va., he was severely attacked with fever, and two weeks thereafter still remain a blank in his memory. On becoming conscious, he found himself in the hospital at Falls Church. He was soon after removed to the hospital at Philadelphia. He rejoined the Regiment in time to take part in the battle of First Fredericksburg, and participated in all the battles until the third day of June, 1863.

At that time, while lying in the woods, he was struck by a ball which entered the right leg at the knee, and came out at the thigh sixteen months after. He was taken to Armory Square Hospital, Washington, where he lay forty-three days, when he was removed to his home on a stretcher, by his father. The ball remaining in his leg, and there being no prospect of his being able to render further service to his country, he resigned in November, 1864, having been in the service over three years. He was promoted to Second Lieutenant in his company (C) January thirteenth, 1864.

He carries in his pocket the ball that disabled him. His residence is Peruville, N. Y.

- From the Regimental History of the 76th New York, A. P. Smith, 1867

Baldwin is buried in the Groton cemetery.

Photo courtesy Tom Canfield

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